Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Badminton Club

That's right...badminton club. I'm not an official member...yet, but Jason (Bernard), Jason (Braun), and I went to check it out last night, and we had a great time! Yes, this is a ligit badminton club in Salem. Even though the area is a bit sketchy (Waldo Middle School), the people were really nice...and surprisingly old...and good. I never knew old people could be good at sports, but as I tell my dad (who is turning 50 today), there is hope for the future! At least in badminton. The old ladies are the craftiest, because you really don't expect them to be good, but what they lose in agility, they gain in strategy. They all have amazing angles they hit, and some of them (most of them) can smash it harder that 6 foot somethin Jason Braun! The three of us ended up fighting over who would get to be partners with the 65-year-old lady named Sharon with coke bottle glasses and a wicked angle shot. By the end of the two hours, my shoulder had popped more times than in my whole life and we were all regretting not bringing water. At the ampm on the way home, we all discussed how sore we were going to be the next day. And I am sore today, as a testament to my workout. I hope to play again next week...that's when the new quarter starts. If anyone else has been inspired by my wonderful tale, come and join me!!!! 7:30-9:30 Mondays and Wednesdays at Waldo. They also play on Saturday Mornings!