Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Alicia and Ben

I have two best friends. One of them is my husband and one of them is Alicia. My husband and I spend as much time together as possible, when we aren't working. Alicia and I spend time together when we need a friend. The thing is, Alicia has another best friend too — her husband Ben. Ben is a first lieutenant in the Army National Guard and will be leaving for Afghanistan in November. Although this good weather has been thankfully hanging on quite long this year, the rain is coming, and so Alicia, Ben and I ventured out for a photo shoot before he takes off to his multiple weeks of training before Afghanistan.
To see all of the photos, visit Here is a small sample of the photos. My biggest challenge in this photo shoot was keeping Ben entertained. We did have to take a break to throw rocks at ducks at Riverfront. Don't worry, we only came close to hitting them.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Random facebook inspired hiking trip

I was perusing Facebook recently, checking in on what is up with all these people I never talk to anymore and I saw that two of my friends from high school soccer were toying with the idea of a hiking trip in the near future. On a whim, I chimed in and asked if I could come, and so Krystyn, Stacey and I got together this past weekend for the first time in about five years. We hiked the trails around Brice Creek (east of Cottage Grove), saw two waterfalls, and enjoyed eachother's company. Stacey and I had fun making Krys nervous by climing trees and such, and we even got Krys to get off the trail once or twice. On the way up the trail, I spied a couple of trees that had fallen over a ravine and decided that we should climb across them for a photo opp. Stacey followed and Krys took our photos.If you look closely, you can see us on the top of that top horizontal log about 60 feet in the air. Below is a closer shot. And us crawling back. Along the way, we stopped to take a group photo. The story that this photo does not tell is how difficult it is to get up on a log in time for the photo timer! Finally, we made it to the upper falls, which we walked under. Photos don't do justice to how cool it was. We each took a turn going through the waterfall. It felt great because it was pretty hot out. Here are more photos of the waterfall and us up there. We also hit up the lower falls, as seen below.
On the way back, we found a cool orange mushroom. Stacey wanted to smell it. The last leg of our hike was over the bridge to the car where I shot this cool reflection pic.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Lois and Isla

Here is Lois playing for the Crescent Valley JV A team last week. She is a freshman at our church, and it was a lot of fun to watch her play. Her team was down 0-3 at half, but they stormed back to tie the game 3-3 in the second half! Lois is No. 6 in white in the photos (the Korean).
So for all of you out there who know our favorite baby - Isla Lute - I know there haven't been many recent photos of her, so I decided to put these on. She seriously gets cuter by the day. Here's her with auntie Alicia. And a funny face while she is chasing me with the camera. I love her crooked mouth below.I'm not sure she really wants a kiss from Bryan.
I love this one of her and Ben.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Cabin with the girls

Three of my high school friends and I recently got together for a sleepover at my family's cabin in Dallas... it was a short trip (about 12 hours), but we had a great night basically just talking about our lives.

We missed having Cindra and Samantha there, but we still managed to have plently of laughs and educational discussion. This was when we were attempting to NOT drop Mallory. It took a few takes.

We also loved the fire, even though it looks like there is no fire in this photo. We had it roaring all night!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

August events - Mariners and more!!

Since it is now September, I will write about August....I'm not sure anyone reads this anymore because I never update! Sorry! August went by in a rush, but Bryan and I did get to a Mariner game to see Griffey play (my first time seeing him ever!) and we also went to Wild Waves with the youth group and had an all-church retreat in there.
We'll start with the annual all church retreat...our fourth one with the Koreans!
As usual, Blokus was a hit, along with FIFA soccer and some video game where they shoot each other.
Bryan and the girls getting ready for worship.Lois and Young-iHere's Andy and Stephen playing keep away before chapel.
Then came Wild Waves (which I thankfully was able to get off work for). The day started out early in Corvallis (where we had stayed overnight in the church) and we barely made it past Woodburn before the first potty break. Stinkin' boys!It was a dreary day, but the kids had fun and I still managed to get a sunburn! We ended up fleeing the park an hour early due to a torrential downpour, followed by a frantic search for a cheap pizza place, but in the end it was a day full of great memories!
We took San and Daniel (two juniors in youth group) with us to the Mariner game. Before the game, we stopped by this Korean restaurant in Federal Way and it was amazing. The boys ordered for us in Korean and we ate a lot (as evidenced by the huge amount of food on the table! We cooked our own meat right on the table! The boys were in heaven. Also before the game, we walked around downtown Seattle, including Pike's Place, where we saw a fish get thrown over a bride and groom (see it whizzing by?). We saw three different weddings going on that day! We also watched this amazing spray painter make a Seattle Skyline (below with people looking at it) with just bottles of spray paint, a peice of paper, a few plastic lids and a paint scraper. Daniel and San had to have their picture taken with the guy. He was a little odd...too much spray paint inhalation...When we finally got to the game, we settled down in our bleacher seats. It was the first time Daniel and San had been to a game and the first time for us sitting in the bleachers, so it was enjoyed by all, even though the Mariners got beat and Griffey (appropriately nicknamed "Wiffy" by an annoying fan behind us) struck out three times. While good pictures are hard to come by without a zoom lens, I did catch one of Ichiro making an awesome catch. Here are some other photos I took throughout the day. Enjoy!I only took this photo to document the bad grammar on the sign below....did you catch it?