Monday, October 31, 2011

Pumpkins, kitty and tasty leaves

Happy Halloween everyone!
Our little KitKat had a great time showing off her costume to both grandparents, Great-Grandma & Grandpa Hunter and Alicia and Ben. She was definitely tired after all that, but it was fun in the moment! 

Last Tuesday we had our annual pumpkin carving party with our Salem friends
 (the ones that could make it anyway!). We didn't actually carve any pumpkins because
 knives + Lute children = DANGER! Haha...but we still had fun dressing the kids up and eating tacos.

 On Saturday we finally carved our pumpkins with Youngi's help. She carved Cayden's name into Cayden's little pumpkin and apparently the babe approved because here she is clapping away! 
 Joe carved his first pumpkin too...and not too shabby!
 And here's the finished products....Joe's, Cayden's, my goblin and Lauren's spooky house.
 And, yes, I let my child eat leaves if it means she stays still while I take fall pictures of her.
 This weather is AWESOME.
 Last Monday, we went to the pumpkin patch to buy said pumpkins.
Aren't my two favorite people the cutest?
 Another beautiful day!

 First family picture!
 That's a big pumpkin!

Hope your day was full of cute kids like mine was!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

The secret to easy fall pics!

We finally have grass for Cayden's little toes to wiggle in! This fall we tore up our whole yard with my grandpa's tractor and reseeded the entire quarter-acre yard (which is no small feat!). I was very mad when clover started growing en mass before my grass even had a chance, but the grass is coming up now too and hopefully the weed killer in the spring will take care of the clover.  
 In other news, Cayden is still not crawling, for the million people that ask me this every day!! Below is as close as she gets. She will rock back and forth like this, and then just flop on to her stomach.
 I also discovered a trick to holiday pics (at least fall pics). Go to your local nursery....I went to Garland's on Hwy 20....they are all decked out in fall props just waiting for a cute baby to sit in them!
 I love her two teeth!
 It was semi-scary to take this picture because I put her inside the huge planters, but she held herself up just fine and the planters have such cool colors!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Saurkraut and kitties

This is a very busy time in our house! With me tutoring twice a week, church events 4 times a week, two hungry teenageers and a 7-month-old who STILL won't sleep through the night, life is flying by!
 Occasionally, I get a chance to snuggle my baby like this...
 She usually will not sit like this....she's really a wiggler, not a snuggler, but this night last week she had woken up from sleeping and had a little food and just wanted to be snuggled. Usually this happens in the dead of night when she wakes up and I feed her in her room, but this time I was downstairs and asked Bryan to take a pic.
We also got to visit with Great Grandma and Grandpa Ullman this week, twice!
 And look, Grandpa didn't break her! As you can see, Cayden now loves to clap!
Joe and Lauren also got to meet my Grandma's kitties...see more pictures below...
We also got a visit from the Mendenhalls this weekend, and Carroll got to meet Cayden for the first time, sporting the Oakland Raiders jacket he picked out for her last fall!
 On Sunday we went back out to the cabin and had the annual Saurkraut making with the Ullman family. We got to meet brand new 3rd cousin Breyer (my cousin's new baby).
 Cayden tried to give him a high five, but it didn't work out too great.
Here is Joe pounding the's a lot of work!

And here are the kitties! Want one? Seriously...
 This is Lauren attempting to feed a kitty.
 And here's my grandma expertly feeding the kitty.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

7 months

Somebody is 7 months old...yesterday.

 What's the big deal guys?
 Today was a busy day. Bryan is off on the college beach retreat and Lauren went to work concessions at the OSU game and Joe decided to stay home and do homework slash watch T.V. and I went to Salem. After dropping Cayden off at Bryce and Julie's, I met up with Melissa and Alicia for brunch and then went to visit Mal and Eden for a bit. 
After that, Alicia and I went back to Bryce and Julie's where Cayden was sleeping like a dead person....she slept for 2 hours....sprawled out on her back, binkie on her chest ....just OUT. After Cayden woke up, Alicia went home and I took Cayden out to my parents' farm, where she tried out her scooter (first pic on this post), which used to be Shane's!   
My mom's friend, Ann came out to pick pears with my mom. She and Cayden fed the neighbor's horse...named Angie!

And btw, Cayden doesn't like it when you take her binkie away.
But she sure does love pears!
And she loves secrets from Macie.
Stats as of 9/28/11:
Weight: 15 pounds, 9.5 oz (25th percentile)
Height: 26 and 1/8 inches (41st percentile)
Head circumference: 17 and 1/4 inches (72nd percentile)
The only thing she's outgrowing are the head holes in the onesies!

This month Cayden dove headfirst into baby food, eating 2-3 cans a day plus either barley or oatmeal cereal every day. She is rolling around a lot and attempting to crawl using her toes. It doesn't really work, but she's getting the idea that she needs to use her legs to get where she wants to go. We started water babies class at Osbourne....which is quite embarrassing. We sing really dumb songs that the kids are completely clueless about and I don't really sing, I just bob Cayden around in the water. She likes the class most of the time, except when she is ready for a nap instead of a swim. Another thing I dislike very much about swimming pools are all the wrinkly women walking around naked in the changing rooms. So not ok. But other than those drawbacks, Cayden is learning how to deal with being dipped, enjoys drinking the water, and sometimes floats on her back (while I hold her head up).
likes to "sing" at church during worship, or whenever she is somewhere loud. She now goes into the nursery with Joice every Sunday. She has "mastered" cheerios, but still has a hard time getting ahold of banana pieces. She is not a fan of ground chicken, and I can't really blame her. It smells like wet dog food. She loves to be anywhere but home (bad sign?) and has started sleeping through the night, inconsistently, but still, I will take it! She pretty much will sleep from 1:00 am to 7:00 am, which is great! She takes two naps a day, sometimes three. She usually wakes up happy in the morning, eats and then is ready for her first nap by 9 am, unless we are out doing something.
She usually falls asleep in the car once we hit 55 mph, and she loves to chew paper. Oh, and fruit stems. I wonder when she will figure out that is not the tastiest part of the fruit. She has 2 teeth all the way through, and has only bitten me twice, and it wasn't intentional. She doesn't know any words, but babbles "dadadada" and "nananana" so I'm hoping someday those will turn into Daddy and Mama.
She doesn't really mimic us, except when splashing or eating. She always watches us eat and usually gets jealous if she can't eat too. She is fascinated by mouths....always has been now that I think about it. When she looks at people, she usually won't smile unless they do something funny with their mouth. She likes to play the binkie game where I steal it from her mouth with my mouth and she takes it back, then gives it back to me. She thinks it's funny and it's our only game, so I have to record it, no matter how silly it is! Cayden went to her first non-family babysitter this month....Lois and her sister Seihwa watched her for a few hours while I was tutoring and Bryan was at a meeting. She did great of course, and even fell asleep before we picked her up. 
I can't think of anything else, so that's it for now! 
PS. This is my 200th blog! Can you believe it?

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Funny thing happened last night...

Last night was Crrrraazzzzzzzy.
It was pretty much a normal day until nightfall.
I tutor on Mondays and Wednesdays from 7-9pm and Bryan stays home with Cayden and the kids.
Bryan has a college retreat this weekend and wanted to go food shopping after I got home. On my way to tutoring, I noticed that the gas gauge was on E, which is NOT a good thing, especially in the white car. It takes two hands to count how many times I have run out of gas in that car. Once in college, my roommates and I had to push it down Lancaster to get to the gas station. So, mental note: get gas on the way home because I don't have time right now because I'm always late.
Two hours later, when I finished tutoring, I called Bryan to see if he would rather me just go shopping since I was already in town. He said he'd rather just go shopping with me. The baby was sleeping, it was 9:30 pm and she should be sleeping for the night, so I told Bryan to come and meet me at Winco and leave the SLEEPING baby with Joe and Lauren. 
So Bryan told Lauren she was in charge, to which she responded, "WHAT?" She's not really a baby person. Bryan assured her that everything would be fine and that the baby was sleeping away. 
So we shopped and shopped for all the food for the college students and then when we were ALMOST done, perusing the chip aisle for walkin' taco chips when my phone rings and I KNOW it's Lauren. I answer the phone and all I hear is my baby screaming. And Lauren. Freaking out. I almost laughed. So I coached Lauren to find the milk in the fridge and feed her, and I left Bryan with a cart full of unhealthy college food and took off for home (we had two cars, remember?).
When I reached the corner store, my car started to sputter and I KNEW. I almost made it home. ALMOST. On a very dark 99W just south of the blueberry fields, my car rolled to a stop in on the shoulder, about a mile from home. Cherry on top: it was raining. 
I call Bryan, he's at checkout. I call Lauren, Joe answers.
Our conversation: 
Joe: Hello?
Me: Hi, how's she doing?
Joe: This is Joe.
Me: Hi, how's Cayden?
Joe: Lauren is feeding.
Me: Ok well I ran out of gas, so Bryan is going to pick me up and we will be there soon.
Joe: Ok. What time?
Me: About 15 minutes? (This is a lie...not intentional, just wishful thinking)
Joe: Ok, byeee.
After watching headlights after headlights ZOOM past me, I finally see one with a blinker and Bryan is there to save me! We rush home, leaving the white car and its hazards flickering in our rear view mirror. 
When we get home, Lauren is in her bedroom window giving us a stare down....I don't think she will be volunteering for babysitting anytime soon. By that time, Cayden is fine, just tired and a little gassy. We still have to go get the white car, so we pack Cayden up in her car seat with her apple juice and take off. Of course now it is 11:00pm and all the close and convenient gas stations are closed, so we have to drive all the way into town to get 2 gallons of gas. When we get back to my car, the hazards are no longer blinking. Bad sign, FYI. The battery is dead.....could this get worse? No, actually, it doesn't get worse. A random tow truck pulls up behind us and helped us with some super long jumper cables and after a few minutes of pouring on the juice, our car was running again and the baby was fast asleep in her car seat. Moral of the story....always bring the baby.   


Saturday, October 1, 2011

Crack kills!

Say no to crack....
or as Isla prefers: "Crack kills!"

This week, Cayden has made great advances in cheerio dexterity.

 Her rate of success is about 1 of 10. Macie's rate of success = 9 of 10

Can you see the teeth?
don't worry, she's not always sad...
 At Grandma Hunter's house, Cayden fell asleep like this...
 If this were to happen at home, she would be freaking out, but not at Grandma's! She woke up happy and loves looking out the window from her crib.
 She is also loving bananas....but I have to watch her closely because she literally bites off more than she can chew, therby choking herself.
 At youth group, Cayden made some new friends....Violet and Joy.