Thursday, March 7, 2013

2 years

Little Cayden Elizabeth Ann is not so little anymore. 
 These last two days, she has been back to her happy ol' self, playing around the house in her own little world. She loves her Harley Davidson big wheel, and spends the whole afternoon scooting around on it, making sure her purses and buckets don't fall off the handlebars.
 All the while, she totes her naked, red-haired baby doll around with her, making sure her blankie isn't far behind.
 She loves real babies too, and works very hard to be gentle with them. She isn't the most polite kid ever, but she does have these unbelievable moments where she amazes me with a "No fank you" when she doesn't want something and a quick "Bess you" whenever anyone sneezes. She also says "sorry" when she bumps into you sometimes and holds up one little finger and says "wait" when I tell her we will do something later.  
 Cayden is a gift to anyone she meets (as long as it's not nap time), waving and smiling at any stranger that walks by, especially the "Papas" and "Yammas" (anyone with white hair).
 Today we went to Salem and Cayden got to hang out with Alicia and Ella while I worked, we got some Jimmy Johns and Jamba Juice, then raced off to James' semifinal basketball game at Gill Coliseum. We got to hang out with my aunt and uncle, my brothers and dad.
Cayden ate Steven's popcorn and ran around with my dad. And Cascade won! They play in the State Championship game tomorrow night!
For dinner, we had taquitos but Cayden just ate chips and grapes. Did you know grapes are tastier when dipped in salsa? Cayden taught me that. 
Actually, I didn't try it, but she ate all her grapes that way!
 After dinner, I measured her on her growth chart. I told her to stand up straight! Apparently, she mistook that instruction to mean, "stand on your tip toes," which I did not realize until after I had measured her.

Permanent marker fail.

I did learn that her tip toes make her a full inch taller.