Thursday, April 28, 2011

Workin' with daddy

Cayden went to her first "Take your daughter to work" day with daddy today. She wasn't there the whole day, just for about 3 hours, but they had a great time and I'm sure Bryan got nothing done!
Yesterday, the Mendenhalls stopped by on their way back home to California! Here is mama Marcie with baby Cayden. They had a hard time leaving 'cause they loved her so much!
Kaity Sue had her turn too...
Trevor was only a little awkward holding her....but he loved it! And Bradley couldn't get enough! I think he was asking to hold her every 5 minutes!Hopefully we will see you guys again soon, along with Kimmee and Michael! Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Our baby is Korean!

Not only has Cayden rolled over this week, but she also said her first word -- "Ohma!" You might be thinking..."that's not a word..." but oh you would be wrong! Ohma means "mama" in Korean! So not only is my baby a chatterbox, but she is a bilingual one! Or I guess she will be bilingual...right now she only speaks Korean. Haha. Listen for it at the 1 minute mark.

Ok so maybe it doesn't qualify as a first word, but Lauren and I heard it, as you can tell on the video! She is also apparently ready to crawl if her upper body would just cooperate! She's our little scooter!

Monday, April 25, 2011

A weekend for the recordbooks

This weekend was one to remember for many reasons....This little one rolled over for the first time yesterday (from her tummy to back)!

The weather was at its warmest all year...and we took advantage! Cayden and I, along with friends Kari, Isla and Kylie Lute, Alicia and Brittany, went up to Woodburn to visit the Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival on Friday. Besides a little wind, it was beautiful!

Crazy story about God's I was pulling away from my house, I remembered that my camera battery was pretty low last time I used it. With not enough time to charge it now, I thought maybe I could charge it at the Lutes when I got there to pick up the girls. So I ran inside and grabbed my charger.

Well, I forgot to charge it at the Lutes, and sure enough, the battery died on the third picture I took. I ran back to some of the tents that were set up at the entrance, and asked a guy with a promo van whether I could use one of the outlets on his extension cord. He was nice enough to let me charge the battery there. So I ran back to the car to get the charger. Meanwhile, the rest of my group was still wandering the tulip fields, so as soon as I plugged in the charger, I left to go meet up with them again. I had to jog out there to catch up, which prompted an unfortunate slow bladder release....I haven't run like that in a long time...and pregnancy is not kind to those muscles! So I slowed down to a quick walk. Anyway, I got back to them, and we took some pics on Kari's camera. When we had walked the whole field, we headed over to the kids area, and I fast walked back to the entrance, where my camera battery was charging. When I walked up, the guy was talking to someone else about how he was only going to be there for another half hour....good thing I had come back when I did! Thank you Lord!
I grabbed my charger and battery, thanked him, and started walking the half mile back. I shoved the battery and charger into my coat pocket while walking, not realizing that I had actually dropped the battery in the grass! Thank you Lord again for letting a lady notice, and say "Hey! You dropped something!" Wow...that would have been super frustrating to walk all the way back for the second time and STILL not have my battery! God definitely was watching out for me and my hobby....just goes to show that He cares about the silly things we care about! Thanks to Him, I got all these pictures in the post, and some great memories were captured!
Here is Isla...she is so grown up now! She will be 3 in September!

Me and my baby.Kylie loved attacking these tulips!The three girls! BFFs!

Brittany holding Cayden...she was a great babysitter while I was galavanting around trying to get my battery charged!Unfortunately, I didn't get any pics of Alicia and Kari! Sorry guys! But we had a great time!

On a similar note, Saturday was also beautiful we drove up to Salem, dropped Cayden off with Gma Bernard and then headed to Portland for Game 4 of the playoff between the Blazers and the Dallas Mavericks! The game was amazing...and that's an understatement. You know how I said this weekend was one for the recordbooks? Well we witnessed the greatest comback in Blazer playoff history, and the second greatest comback in NBA history. The Blazers were down by 23 at one point in the 3rd quarter, down by 18 going into the 4th! Brandon Roy took over, scoring 18 points in the 4th quarter, and leading the Blazers to a 84-82 victory. The first 3 quarters were PAINFUL to watch, with the Blazers shooting in the neighborhood of 25 percent....but it was worth it to stick around. We took Chris Lee and Lauren with us, and saw many friends there!

And then there was Easter!

Easter = celebration of Christ's resurrection + opportunity to do a thematic photo shoot with Cayden!

Yes, I put her in the basket...but she was sleeping and had no idea this should be annoying to her!

Monday, April 18, 2011

The life

She is getting better at smiling every day!Today she was smiling about this massive blowout that ruined her onsie! She kind of looks like a contemplative elf in this picture below.And here's my lunch today....blueberry pancakes topped with strawberries and powdered sugar. I know this is random, but it was so good and pretty too, and I don't get out much.

This past weekend was packed with fun things. Friday's spitup onslaught brought on the need for a bath. Sun was home, and decided to be the official photographer of Cayden's bath. Shane came down for youth group on Friday night and decided to spend the night on our couch. In the morning, he had some snuggle time with his favorite niece. Unfortunately, Bryan came home sick from college Bible study on Saturday morning, but Cayden and I had much to do. We went to the store to get him some Pepto and Sierra Mist, and then we were off to Salem for a family baby shower at my aunt's house. We were once again blessed with tons of diapers, clothes, hand-made blankets and sweaters and more. My mom brought a sheepskin from her neighbor for Cayden. I know it sounds weird, but it's super cozy and Cayden has slept on it the past two nights. After the shower was over, I walked into the kitchen to find my mother and aunts undressing the baby for a photo shoot on the sheepskin. So of course, I joined in the fun! We had to scurry home to check up on daddy and eat something before I headed out again with Lauren to watch Daniel in the Mr. and Miss CV event at the high school. My parents and Shane came down to babysit for us (while Bryan chilled upstairs), and since Bryan wasn't about to go out, Shane took his ticket and came along to Mr. CV. Here's the group afterwards. Daniel (in the glasses) did some great dancing and singing, and even had some sweet things to say to his parents. It was a good time. My parents also had a good dad partied a little too hard, apparently.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Photo shoot with Kaitlynn

My friend Kaitlynn came down last month to take our newborn pictures with Cayden. Cayden was 8 days old in these pics. So tiny in daddy's arms.
Big yawn.
Our rings on her wrinkly feet.Me and my baby girl.Our little family. Thank you Kaitlynn for your awesome pictures!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Rockin' with Chris Tomlin

I figure everyone could use a change of scenery in the blog world, so I am taking a break from baby pictures and telling you all (maybe just the 5 people that read this...) about our adventures last night at the Chris Tomlin concert.
The CV kids didn't have school yesterday and Bryan's softball game got cancelled, due to this wonderful spring rain, so on Sunday, we randomly decided to go to the concert (in Portland). The catch was...Lauren still had she went to her all-important pre-calculus class 1st period and then we checked her out of school for the rest of the day. Then we all (Sun, Angela, Bryan, Cayden, Lauren and I) piled into the van and headed north. We dropped off Cayden and Bryan's parents' house for the day and then went to Washington Square for some serious shopping. After 5 hours of H & M, Forever 21 and some pick-me-up Jamba Juice, we headed to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner with Sun's friend Lonny, who was also going to the concert that night. Then we headed over to Rolling Hills Church in Tualatin for the concert! Who knew these girls would FREAK out so much at a worship concert!! The group...besides Bryan and me. Lonny actually sat with his friend in a different seat, but he came to say hi.
During the encore, Chris Tomlin yelled out for all the young people to come down to the front to basically create a mosh orderly Christian one of course...jk. I told the girls they should go down there, and they jumped all over it, getting right up against the stage, and getting multiple hand shakes from CT. They were GIDDY when they came back after the last 2 songs.

"Chris Tomlin touched my hand!"

"No he grabbed our hands!"

"He was literally this far away!"

"He grabbed our hands three times!"




It was a great night.

And because I can't resist a couple...Here's Cayden giving her daddy a hug.And in her swing...she is becoming more and more observant.