Thursday, April 7, 2011

One month already!

Our baby is one month old! She now weighs 9 pounds (according to my crappy scale), is 22 inches long, and is fitting into her clothes quite nicely. In these pics, she is cuddling with her animal blankie from Great-aunt Kelley.
It is perfect size for our little peanut.
She has many fans. Here she is at Man Club (high school Bible study), and Daniel is helping her bench press.
Sitting up against the couch...this was mid-sneeze.
Look at that belly!
Happy baby.
I love the yawns!
This is a regular sight in our household.
And...more sleeping.
This month, Cayden has almost rolled over, eats 2.5 oz of milk every two hours, sleeps in 4-5 hour shifts at night (if we don't let her take long naps during the day), always thinks she is hungry (thank goodness for binkies), hates being burped mid-meal (gets very angry), likes her baths as long as the water isn't too hot, and likes riding in the car (but gets mad when the car stops). We love her more every day!


Jessica Hong said...

She is just tooo precious!!!

paulashley said...

I have so many more pics of Paul sleeping with out babies, than of either of us doing anything at all with them! Such precious photos, she's just gorgeous! I love her smile :)