Monday, April 18, 2011

The life

She is getting better at smiling every day!Today she was smiling about this massive blowout that ruined her onsie! She kind of looks like a contemplative elf in this picture below.And here's my lunch today....blueberry pancakes topped with strawberries and powdered sugar. I know this is random, but it was so good and pretty too, and I don't get out much.

This past weekend was packed with fun things. Friday's spitup onslaught brought on the need for a bath. Sun was home, and decided to be the official photographer of Cayden's bath. Shane came down for youth group on Friday night and decided to spend the night on our couch. In the morning, he had some snuggle time with his favorite niece. Unfortunately, Bryan came home sick from college Bible study on Saturday morning, but Cayden and I had much to do. We went to the store to get him some Pepto and Sierra Mist, and then we were off to Salem for a family baby shower at my aunt's house. We were once again blessed with tons of diapers, clothes, hand-made blankets and sweaters and more. My mom brought a sheepskin from her neighbor for Cayden. I know it sounds weird, but it's super cozy and Cayden has slept on it the past two nights. After the shower was over, I walked into the kitchen to find my mother and aunts undressing the baby for a photo shoot on the sheepskin. So of course, I joined in the fun! We had to scurry home to check up on daddy and eat something before I headed out again with Lauren to watch Daniel in the Mr. and Miss CV event at the high school. My parents and Shane came down to babysit for us (while Bryan chilled upstairs), and since Bryan wasn't about to go out, Shane took his ticket and came along to Mr. CV. Here's the group afterwards. Daniel (in the glasses) did some great dancing and singing, and even had some sweet things to say to his parents. It was a good time. My parents also had a good dad partied a little too hard, apparently.

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paulashley said...

Shout advanced for set-in stains has been my staple for blowouts and baby puke :) I usually just took it off of baby, sprayed it, and threw it in a basket in the laundry room to wait for a hot load of laundry. But even if I missed the stain right off, it is amazing for stains that have been sitting there for weeks :)