Thursday, November 1, 2012

It's pumpkin time!

We had our annual pumpkin party again this year, adding one little munchkin to the mix (actually two but the Selanders and their baby Ella couldn't make it). It's so fun to see the kids growing up together! 
I got them some goofy glasses to try on. Isla and Eden were gamers and Kylie just wanted to play with the googly eyes on her glasses. 
 After our taco dinner, the kiddos got to paint pumpkins. Back when we didn't have kids, our pumpkin parties were meant for carving. Now, they are for relaxing while our kids are preoccupied by their own version of pumpkin decoration.
 The Lute girls.
 Mal was the paint supplier for Cayden and Eden.

And we ended the night with a little iPad entertainment. Thank God for!

We also went to the pumpkin patch, and got another family picture. 
Look how much Cayden has grown! 
Here's Cayden sitting on a pumpkin last year
And this year....
 That one is heavy!
 She insisted on holding Allen's hand too (he is her new host brother!).
 She loved the slides, but didn't want to go down alone!
 The cows, turkey and chickens were big attractions too, even to Allen!
Cayden is still talking about the "loud kickies."
 Love this one.
Cayden also was very scared of the "loud" tractor, but loved sitting on all the pumpkins, and had lots of fun in the hay maze looking for Daddy and Allen. Eventually, she gave up on finding them and was content to pull the straws out of the bales of hay.
On Halloween, we made the rounds, first going to see Uncle Steve at his recording studio. Cayden got to play drums and Allen got to play Steven's Gibson guitar. Fun was had by all.
Uncle Steve and monkey Cayden
 Allen playing guitar                           Looking out the window

We went up to Salem later that night, to make more rounds. We didn't hit all of the houses we wanted to, but we did alright, going to Shane's work, dropping off pumpkins at the Crains' and Lutes', dinner at my parents', and a quick hello my grandparents' on the way to Bryan's parents' house. 


That's 5 houses and 1 Jamba Juice in one night!  
 Cayden had fun with her baby cousin Blake.
 He was a Starbucks Barista for Halloween!
She always has to hold his hand when they lay on the floor together.
 On impulse, Carrie and Lauren (my sister-in-laws) decided that Allen and Jess needed to go trick-or-treating around the Bernards' neighborhood. Jess (Carrie's friend) had NEVER been trick-or-treating before, and Allen didn't have a costume, but that didn't stop them! They found costumes for everyone, and went out trick-or-treating to a few houses, taking Cayden with them.
 We ended the night with a Blazer win over the hated Lakers and Cayden ended it reading a book with grandma while eating her dum-dum sucker.

It's a great day to be a Blazer. And a monkey.