Saturday, August 27, 2011

Garage sales and the girls

Last night, my friends from high school and I got together for an inpromptu reunion. Samantha couldn't make it, but I was impressed with the turnout! We had dinner up in Lake Oswego at Claim Jumper and then had frozen yogurt at Yogurtland in Bridgeport. We pretty much just sat around and caught up, but it was really fun to see them, and to get away for a little bit.
Today was the annual Adair Village city-wide garage sale. We walked through our little city (Cayden decided to sleep the whole time in her stoller),spent $17 and got 13 books, two 3-T sleepers, two pairs of 3-T pants, a pair of shorts, a hoodie, and a Halloween onesie, a pair of boots and a 3-T monkey Halloween costume.

Not a bad haul for the little one!

I also bought a new camera lens today after selling a few of mine (very quickly!) on Craigslist. Hooray for autofocus on my 50 mm now! Cayden was just moving around too much for me to manually focus anymore.

She is already enjoying her new books!

We are also trying out new barrettes to tackle the long whispys.

And lovin bathtime!

Sporting the dress from Alicia!

Chillin' with dad.

Melissa came over to hang out on Monday and spent the night so she got lots of Cayden time. She just got back from a mission trip to Zimbabwe, where they carry their babies around like this.

Cayden's bottle holding skills have regressed.

More bath time.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Take me out to the ballgame...

A couple of weekends ago, Cayden got to go to her first Mariner game! We were sad that daddy had to stay home and work (it was on a Sunday), but my dad wanted to take us kids and my grandparents up to see the Mariners play the Red Sox (my dad and grandpa are Red Sox fans).

Of course, Cayden is not a Red Sox fan and so we scored some awesome Griffey gear on discount!

Here's the whole grandparents, brothers, Cayden and I and my dad. The Mariners won by the way!

We stayed the night in Seattle, in The Camlin Worldmark right downtown. It was only 2 miles from Safeco and had quite a view!

On the way home, we stopped by to visit my cousin who just moved with her baby and husband to Lacey, WA. Cayden had to try out her 3rd cousin's sunglasses.

It was a stripe day apparently.

On the way home, she did pretty good, sleeping with Douglas her giraffe.

When we got to Portland, she started to melt down. My dad HAD to stop in Brooks to give her a break (I would have just let her cry - mean mommy). Above she is chowing on my grandma's necklace at the truck stop.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Saying goodbye

Crying is not something I do well. It's a red eyes, wipe the nose, head down in shame mess. It's something I do when I watch the Oprah about a mom's three children dying in a car crash and when Mufasa dies. And it was something I did today.

It's not completely unusual for one of the kids at church to come to us crying, but today was different. Usually, the tears mean "I'm sorry," or "I wish my parents would just understand," or "why does this always happen to me?" But today they were tears of goodbye. Tears that silently said "I'm scared to leave," "What if I eat lunch alone every day in the cafeteria?" and "What if my roommate is crazy?" Angela left for college today. Angela, who back when she was an 8th grader, made us promise that we wouldn't leave Corvallis Korean Church until she graduated. She and Daniel did just that last June, and now both of them are off to their new lives. Daniel left last Friday for University of Arizona. He was sad to leave everyone, but excited to go. Angela, on the other hand was not excited to go, which makes it all the harder to put on a brave face telling her that everything will be fine in Atlanta, GA where she will be studying at Emory University. This is the unfortunate part of our job. Bryan and I have to say goodbye to students way too often. These kids are like our own. We've watched them grow up, watched them fall and rise and become more Christlike. We are so proud of them, and it's hard to let them go. It also makes me think about how someday Cayden will be 18 years old and wanting to leave for college. I already hate the idea. I hate it more every day. So for now I will treasure the memories and the photos where the children never get older.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Wild Waves!

So this is a little overdue, but here we go! We took our third annual trip with the youth group to Wild Waves this past Wednesdsay. This was quite the endeavor this year, since we have a little we took Cayden up to grandma's (both of them!) on Tuesday, and she stayed the night in Salem with Bryan's parents and then stayed there on Wednesday while we were up in Washington. It was kind of a bummer because we did not get to capitalize on any extra sleep on our first night without the baby because we had to get up at 5:00 a.m. in order to get to the park at a decent time. After 4 long hours of driving, we made it to Wild Waves under suspiciously cloudy skies and we rode roller coasters, ate lunch, then rode all the waterslides! The kids had a great time, and so did we...even if the weather was a little cold for my liking (I spent a lot of time in the hot tub telling myself not to think about all the grubby kids in there with me). This is our newest addition to the youth group - Han Mei. In the above photo, he is attempting to do a flip off of the cliff (which is not allowed). It was pretty funny because he was breaking all the rules in the pool (the poor kid didn't understand) and all the lifeguards kept tweeting at him and saying "Hey buddy, get out of the way!" and stuff, but he had no idea what they were saying because he has yet to learn English. Pretty funny.

I challenged the kids to make funny pictures for me while jumping off the cliff. Andy won.

This slide was pretty crazy. It shoots you out super fast. Here is Youngi and the sisters, Loren and Sophia Na. They were in the water the whole time!

And here's Lisa, Lois, Joe and our newest whitie, Austin.

And Bryan going down the super fast slide!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

5 month stats

Here are Cayden's most recent weights/measurements:

Weight: 14 pounds (32nd percentile)
Length: 25 inches (45th percentile)
Head circumference: 16 3/4 inches (62nd percentile)
Weight for length: 31st percentile

Sunday, August 7, 2011

5 months old!

A face a camera would love.

My grandma Hunter made this sweater for Cayden. It fits perfectly!

We said goodbye to Stephanie this week....back to korea for her!

We also went out to lunch with Carolyn Bartruff for her birthday! Great old Top-o-Hill restaurant just outside of Aurora.

Cayden has recently started eating rice cereal once a day. At first she would get pretty constipated, but she's been doing better recently and growing like a weed!

Jane finally got to meet Cayden! She's been away at college and on a mission trip to Thailand, but she is still Cayden's no. 1 fan! She came to spend a whole day with us last week.

Cayden also went to her first family reunion. Don't you love her "Hello, my name is Cayden" nametag?

Here's the family.

Ridin' on Great-Grandpa's tractor. It looks like she's saying "Look at me, mom!"

Love this pic. Ya think my dad adores this little one?

Monday, August 1, 2011

Bernard Vacation 2011

We had an awesome week in Sisters, relaxing and such! We went with Bryan's parents, his brother and sister-in-law and Bryan's sister.
Cayden got to try out her swimsuit for the first time! We played voleyball one night...3 on 3 with one person holding Cayden. She liked watching us, and wanted to eat the ball. This was her face the whole time we were playing. Pretty hilarious.The next day we went to the fish hatchery. Cayden liked licking the carrier.And we fed the fish.This was the rMetolius River next to the hatchery...amazing blue water!And the flowers were beautiful.We took a second to take some family are all the Bernard girls. Great job looking at the camera Cayden!Family pic.We took Cayden's toys from Grandma Julie's house so she would be entertained. She loved chewing on the green leaf. We were talking about how we need to get one of these exersaucers for our house, and then today Jane and Stephen Kim showed up with a brand new one just like the one at grandma Julie's! So Cayden now gets to chew on her green leaf at home now too!We went to Mt. Bachelor and rode the lift up the mountain....which Cayden HATED.As soon as we sat down on the lift, she started screaming. Once we got to the top, she was fine, but on the way down, she was screaming again!The view from the restaraunt up there...See? She was fine once she got off the lift. Julie and I stayed with her while the rest of the fam went and played a few holes of the frisbee gofl course up there. There was also a pool basically in our front yard. Cayden had her first pool experience. She couldn't go in all the way, but she got to splash with her feet. We also got her a new sun hat.We also got to see my aunt and uncle and cousins who live in Bend. We had dinner and spent the evening with them one night and they absolutely loved Cayden! I've never seen kids play with her for so long, but they did the whole time she was awake! It was really great to see them. Below are my cousins Aiden, Irelan, Saige and Evan. Saige was the flower girl in our wedding and Cayden's name is unintentionally pretty much a combo of Aiden's full name (Aiden Cade).