Sunday, August 7, 2011

5 months old!

A face a camera would love.

My grandma Hunter made this sweater for Cayden. It fits perfectly!

We said goodbye to Stephanie this week....back to korea for her!

We also went out to lunch with Carolyn Bartruff for her birthday! Great old Top-o-Hill restaurant just outside of Aurora.

Cayden has recently started eating rice cereal once a day. At first she would get pretty constipated, but she's been doing better recently and growing like a weed!

Jane finally got to meet Cayden! She's been away at college and on a mission trip to Thailand, but she is still Cayden's no. 1 fan! She came to spend a whole day with us last week.

Cayden also went to her first family reunion. Don't you love her "Hello, my name is Cayden" nametag?

Here's the family.

Ridin' on Great-Grandpa's tractor. It looks like she's saying "Look at me, mom!"

Love this pic. Ya think my dad adores this little one?

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