Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Pumkin carving!

We had the Lutes and Selanders over to carve pumpkins on Monday nights. This is the fourth year we have done this with Kyle and Kari and the second in a row with Ben and Alicia joining the mix. Last Halloween, Isla was barely born, and this time she had a great time goofing around. She is eating the pumpkin stem below with Kari. She is the cutest kid ever. We tried out Bryan's new camera...not sure if we have figured it out completly yet, but we're getting there! Below is Isla showing off her nose. My pumpkin is the cat one and Bryan's is the face.
Alicia's in on the left and Ben's is on the right. He made a pirate.
Kyle and Kari tag teamed on their sunshine pumpkin, which proved to be more difficult than they thought. This is Isla waving goodbye when the Lutes had to leave. This was Ben's last game night before he takes off for training and then Afghanistan...sad day.