Monday, December 26, 2011

A little more joy this Christmas

We started out our Christmas festivities at my Grandma's house in Dallas on Christmas Eve. Cayden had fun attacking Grandma's tree and chewing on Grandpa's 70-year-old toys.

 After the Christmas Eve service at Salem Heights, we went over to the Adamsons for dessert with the Hunter side of the fam. All of my cousins on my dad's side were there, which is pretty amazing because three of us our married with kids, and it's harder and harder to get us all together! Below is a picture of me and Cayden with my two cousins and their babies. The babies were all born within 6 months of each other!
Sleeping was not one of Cayden's fortes on Christmas Eve. We spent the night at Bryan's parents' house, and she woke up 3 times that night, which meant a slightly crabby Cayden the next day. She woke up to open presents, then had to go back to take a nap before she finished opening presents!
Cayden getting some help from Daddy in opening one of her many presents. This one was a really cute Beaver sweatshirt, a book and a Jamba card from the Bartruffs. It was impossible to sit there on Christmas morning and not be taken back to Christmas morning last year, when we received the call that our friend Beth had passed away unexpectantly. The Bartruffs (her parents) have now become a part of our family, and the sure love our little Cayden Elizabeth Ann.  
After Christmas morning with the Bernards, we headed back to Corvallis for church, had some great fellowship celebrating The King, and ate some amazing Korean food before heading back to Bryan's grandparents' house in West Salem for Christmas dinner.
Below, Grandpa Bryce is letting Cayden try some brussell sprout. 
Due to terrible sleeping patterns, Cayden refused to go to bed on Christmas Day (night). Thankfully, there were many hands to help take care of the sleepy grump ball, including Aunt Carrie reading "The Night Before Christmas," which Cayden got as a gift from Great Grandma Hunter. 

Friday, December 16, 2011

Breathe, and thank God you got the chance

This morning I am just thankful that she woke up to live another day.

Would the world keep turning without its cutest baby?
Because my world certainly would not.

To all those mothers who aren't holding their babies this Christmas, you are in my prayers. I couldn't sleep last night because I kept putting myself in your shoes, and it seemed wrong to close my eyes and not grieve with you. At 2:30 a.m., I prayed, "God I am afraid, and so are they. Take our fear, Lord. Take our fear." 

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Zoo Lights!

Last weekend, we went to see the Zoo Lights in Portland with Young-i, Lauren and Joe. We left Cayden with grandparents because it was SUPER COLD, and she wouldn't really appreciate it.
First, we had a lovely dinner at Olive Garden...where Youngs found her new boyfriend (just kidding!). She and Lauren just loved his hair and were brave enough to ask for a pic! Bryan was only a little mortified.
 Then came Zoo Lights. It was impressive, but not really worth $9 a pop. Maybe if you had little kids with you. But we still had fun!
 Especially when we found the sparse animals. This was Young-i in the petting zoo.
 And here's the kids riding wooden horses! Don't mind the random kid in the background....and apparently Joe doesn't like to smile.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

9 month stats

Nine months old!
Head circumference: 45.7 cm (91st percentile -- yikes!)
Length: 28.75 in (87th percentile)
Weight: 18 pounds, 1.5 oz (49th percentile)
 This month Cayden officially learned how to crawl, started eating finger foods regularly, and is sleeping through the night every night! Sometimes she wakes up right about the time that we go to bed (11pm) and wants a bottle, but then she's back to sleep until around 7am. Then she wakes up and I give her another bottle, and she will sometimes go back to sleep for a couple of hours.

She needs her two naps a day to be in a good mood, but can still function with just one if she's occupied (not at home).
 My aunt gave us some fruit squeeze things, and Cayden loves them. Above you can see her delicate dexterity...she's always touching new, interesting things with her pointer fingers very carefully. She does this to zippers, Douglas' silky edges at bedtime, and any and all new textures she finds.
Here she is with big brother Joe.

And below, with Mallory's toddler, Eden!
 Eden wants to be best friends, but all Cayden wants to do is touch Mal's iPhone...
there's the pointer finger again!
Cayden is not sure about this whole kissing thing...

Christmas tree hunting

Smell that fresh air!

We went and got a Christmas tree yesterday for Cayden's 9-month-old birthday!
 I think this is as close to a santa picture as we are going to get. Hooray for inflatable Santa!!
 And there's the tree!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Being skinny's not all it's cracked up to be

This is my new favorite outfit for Cayden. Complete with purple Corban shirt and baby Adidas.
I think Cayden will be getting plenty of practical use out of those shoes, as standing is he new favorite thing (supported of course). She still prefers to stand on her toes. 
 She has also mastered crawling in the past few days and is into everything! Below shows how our coffee table has become a favorite. 
 And we tried pigtails yesterday too!
And right after I took these pics, she tried to grab something under the table (while standing) and banged her head on it. There was a visible line on her head and plenty of tears, hence, the binks.
On a different note, there is other news in the household....I am going to have surgery to fix this.

If you can't figure out what needs fixing, you are blind, or just ignoring the skeletor shoulders/arms. When I saw this photo (taken in late October), I realized something was wrong.

Gaining only 19 pounds during my pregnancy was great. Losing that 19 pounds right away was also great. What was not so great is continuing to lose weight until I was down to 113. I usually weigh 135. All my muscle is gone, I am constantly eating, and my pre-pregnancy pants don't come close to fitting.

So I went to the doctor a month ago. She wasn't worried, but did bloodwork. They found out my blood levels showed my thyroid was working overtime. Your thyroid basically regulates your metabolism, and mine is not doing a good job.

I had to get more tests done and then I went to see an endocrinologist in Salem today and he gave me a couple of options.

Basically I can destroy my thyroid with radioactive iodine or remove it with surgery.

Option #1:
Radioactive iodine takes 3-6 months to work, I can't be near babies or pregnant women for 7 days, and I can't get pregnant for a year after the iodine. So I would have to take thke the radioactive (REALLY? this is safe?) iodine after Christmas because I don't really see a week going by in December without being in contact with my pregnant sister-in-law and countless pregnant women at church, especially during the holidays, not to mention not taking care of Cayden for a week!

So January, maybe.

Where would I go for a week?? And if I waited that long, then added a year (January 2013) to get pregnant again, and add 40 weeks, we are looking at a birthday of baby #2 around January 2014, making Cayden nearly 3 years older than baby #2.

This is not preferred.

Option #2:
Surgery. They go in and basically take out my whole thyroid. Two weeks after the surgery, hormone levels will be down and I will have to take a tiny pill every day forever to replace my hormones because my thyroid no longer can.

Risks? Yes. In <3% of these surgeries, the nerve along the trachea that goes to the voicebox gets nicked, resulting in a hoarse voice. Another risk is hypoparathyroidism, when the parathyroid glands in the neck do not produce enough parathyroid hormone (PTH), due to being damaged during surgery. PTH helps control calcium, phosphorus, and vitamin D levels within the blood and bone. Hypoparathyroidism is also a risk factor of the radioactive iodine treatment (option #1).

 And why? Why did this happen?

The doctor thinks it's Graves' Disease. I thought it might be Postpartum Hyperthyroidism, but the endocrinologist said that would have resolved many months ago, so this is not fixing itself, and he was very clear that it would not be safe to wait much longer. Graves' Disease, the most common cause of hyperthyroidism, is caused by an abnormal immune system response that causes the thyroid gland to produce too much thyroid hormones. The cause is unknown, but I'm blaming pregnancy. 
So worth it.