Thursday, December 15, 2011

Zoo Lights!

Last weekend, we went to see the Zoo Lights in Portland with Young-i, Lauren and Joe. We left Cayden with grandparents because it was SUPER COLD, and she wouldn't really appreciate it.
First, we had a lovely dinner at Olive Garden...where Youngs found her new boyfriend (just kidding!). She and Lauren just loved his hair and were brave enough to ask for a pic! Bryan was only a little mortified.
 Then came Zoo Lights. It was impressive, but not really worth $9 a pop. Maybe if you had little kids with you. But we still had fun!
 Especially when we found the sparse animals. This was Young-i in the petting zoo.
 And here's the kids riding wooden horses! Don't mind the random kid in the background....and apparently Joe doesn't like to smile.

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