Monday, January 26, 2009

Stevo the bballer

This weekend was spent almost entirely in Corvallis. Our usual routine includes Friday night youth group and then church on Sunday, but this weekend, we had two lunch/dinner meetings with groups of people in Corvallis, so we were pretty much just sleeping in Salem. On Saturday we met with the guys who will be taking over worship team when Danny leaves for China. They are two brothers and another friend (who attend OSU) and they are seriously an answer to prayer. Every time we have our worship leader leave, God provides us with new people right in the nick of time. We are really blessed to have these guys serving with us!
On Sunday, we had church, and then went to watch Steven Kim play basketball at Crescent Valley High School. His team did great, and won! We took Sun and Daniel with us and Jae showed up to cheer along. The kids had a great time, and Steven did great, scoring four points, and lots of assists. It was pretty funny (and embarrassing for him) because Sun and Daniel wouldn't shut up through the whole game. Every time he would get the ball, they'd be screaming at him. When he finally made a few points, they went nuts. It was pretty funny.
This is when he stole the ball and made a lay in. This is Stephen and Paul Vettrus, our neighbor and my cousins' cousin.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Head to head

We had game night last night at Alicia and Ben's, and we had a great time rocking the boys at Cranium WOW. We normally play guys against girls, and we won the first game handily (with the help of Isla jinxing the guys by blowing on their dice every time). The next game, we drew for teams, but the only difference was Mallory got moved to the boys' team. We whooped them even worse that time.
Here are some funny photos of the night. Can anyone guess what Bryan is trying to make Kyle do? Square dance. Needless to say, no one guessed that. This is a picture of our girl peice leaving their guy peice in the dust!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Finishing my puzzle

While Bryan was gone, I took on the puzzle he got me for Christmas. I just finished it this morning. I didn't get a chance to work on it, but the days that I did make it, I took pictures of my progress, as seen below.
Also included is a cute photo of Isla from game night. I couldn't resist.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Pay me with pizza and I'll do anything...

Because I am such a good friend (and might have been coerced), I went over to Alicia's house yesterday to help her construct her prized Black Friday purchase: a carport of all things. They heat their house with a wood stove, and apparently they have a lot of wood to keep dry. I don't think she anticipated how large this carport is, but there was no turning back once the boxes were opened. Supposedly this was an hour-long job (according to the box). I got there around 3:15 and we didn't quit until around 7 p.m. One of the problems was the instructions, which were wrong. I know most of you are thinking, "Stupid girls don't know how to read instructions," but I will let you know that we are very handy girls, and the instructions were WRONG! This fatal mistake in the instructions cost us an extra hour of undoing half of the bolts we had just put in (16 to be exact), flipping the bar around and re-bolting them. We managed to complete the top of the carport, the trusses, and got the tarp tightly placed over the top. By then we were pooped, Macie was tired of running around eating all the wood laying around and I hat stepped on a nail, which barely missed my big toe. We were done. And we went to Pizza Hut, where Ben met us for dinner after his drill.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Macie: Devilish Chicken Killer

I've had to find babysitters for Macie since her surgery and yesterday she was at my parents' house. When I drove up to get her after work, I knew something had gone awry. The back yeard was covered in white chicken feathers. My mom met me at the door, and I asked her what happened. I knew by her look it was Macie.
Apparently, my mom went to pick up my brother from school and left Macie on a rope in the backyard, where my mom's chickens and dog Ryeleigh also were. When she came home 15 minutes later, Macie and Ryeleigh were yanking the rooster back and forth and one of the other chickens was already dead. My mom found the alive chickens hiding in different places, one had even gotten into the house through the basement door to escape the evil dogs! This is my guess of what happened:
Macie saw the chickens and wanted to play, so she pulled hard enough at her rope and it broke. She then started pouncing on and biting the chicken. The rooster probably saw this happen and came to the rescue. Macie then turned on the rooster, who was probably spurring her.
Ryleigh, the innocent observer, probably came over to see what all the fun was about and started finishing off the chicken while Macie and the rooster went at it.
Eventually, the chicken gave up the fight and Ryeleigh turned to fight Macie for the rooster.
Whatever happened, Macie and Ryeleigh got in big trouble when my mom came home. Ryeleigh got in the most trouble because she should have known better (she's lived with chickens her whole life). My mom tied the rooster carcass to Ryeleigh's collar, and so for the rest of the day she had to drag it around everywhere she went outside. She did not like it very much, and my mom said that is how dogs are trained to not attack chickens. I'd never heard of it before, but I could tell Ryeleigh won't ever do that least not without the coaxing of my devlish dog. Macie continues to prove that she is part evil.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

My sick puppy

So Macie got spayed on Tuesday...what an experience.
I had to be at work before her appointment, and since Bryan is out of town, I dropped her off at the inlaws so Bryan's mom could drop her off.
That afternoon, I picked her up.
I walked into the vet clinic and all I hear is the saddest moaning coming from the back kennels. Of course, I recognize the howls as Macie. Turns out Macie decided to breach the 50-pound mark...which is a bummer because it costs $20 extra if your dog is over 50 pounds. She weighed in at 52. If I would have known she was so close to the mark, I would have put her in a sweatsuit and some garbage bags and taken her for a run to make weight - wrestling style. Oh well, I ended up paying $10 per pound extra....what a joke!
I took Macie home and she was the definition of pathetic.
About a mile away from the vet, we were driving and she starts to throw up all over the place. Not much I could do but watch her. It was pretty nasty. I drove home fast and left her outside to chew on some grass and get the rest of the anesthesia out of her system, and then I cleaned the car.
When I let her back inside, she didn't want to jump up on the couch, so she would just stand by the couch, laying her head on the cushion. I pulled two cushions down to make a step for her, and she just laid there all night. I had to check her a few times to make sure she was still breathing...she looked dead. She really liked it when I scratched her ears.
We spent the whole night like that. She is getting better - the next morning (yesterday) she was a bit more perky and ate a little food. I had to find babysitters for her while I'm at work (so she won't get bored and rip open her incision), so my parents and my inlaws are thankfully helping out. She's started to scratch at it with her back feet, but that means it's healing, right?

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Year's and more pups

New Year's was spent with friends at Mallory and Josh's new place. Not all our usual crowd could make it, but we had some new additions (Jason, Lauren, Isla and Josh) and a great time playing Wii, Imagine If, and eating plenty of food. We had our first baby girl join in our tradition, which was fun. The boys made a new tradition of shooting off bottle rockets in the of which hit Alicia and Ben's car parked out front...Oops! We didn't have TV (Mal and Josh just moved in), so we watched the ball drop online and hung out for a while longer. We had a great time.
Also included are photos from another visit to the puppies. There are only four left, and Macie loves playing with them...sometimes a little too rough.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Our newest perk

There are many perks that come with the house we rent. If I ever need an egg or some cupcake paper holders, I can run (literally) over to my aunt's house up the hill and borrow some. If we want to take Macie for a walk, she never needs a leash and has a lake to swim in around the corner. Bryan gets to be a kid every now and then when he gets roped in to one of my cousins' games of Airsoft. No garbage bill. No water bill. Free internet. Quiet, dark nights where you can see stars from horizon to horizon. Those are a few of the perks, and recently, we added another one.
I always knew there was a small indoor basketball court in the upstairs of the old barn out back, but we'd never been able to get up there since we moved in because it was locked.

My cousins recently told us where the key was hidden, and to our surprise (and especially Bryan's delight), the court had been redone and they even have an automatic ball returner!

This bball court is in the most unlikliest of places.

You would never think it was there if you didn't know because downstairs is an old sawmill looking area and outside, the barn looks like it's about to keel over from probably 100 years of wind, rain and chipping red paint. The barn is surrounded by old orange and yellow bus, stacks of tires, and a family of broken-down semi-trailer trucks used for logging the neighboring mountain in bygone decades. These people don't get rid of anything. It makes for a very interesting walk to the barn, where few know about the gem found there.

I think Bryan has been up to the barn to play basketball three times this week. He loves it. We just got back from playing PIG. I won once, and he won once too. Macie is the defender, and a very good rebounder actually.

She always attacks the ball before we can get to it.

She also peed on the floor, but don't tell anyone.

I rubbed her nose in it, and we cleaned it up...we'll have to make sure she piddles before basketball next time.