Thursday, January 8, 2009

My sick puppy

So Macie got spayed on Tuesday...what an experience.
I had to be at work before her appointment, and since Bryan is out of town, I dropped her off at the inlaws so Bryan's mom could drop her off.
That afternoon, I picked her up.
I walked into the vet clinic and all I hear is the saddest moaning coming from the back kennels. Of course, I recognize the howls as Macie. Turns out Macie decided to breach the 50-pound mark...which is a bummer because it costs $20 extra if your dog is over 50 pounds. She weighed in at 52. If I would have known she was so close to the mark, I would have put her in a sweatsuit and some garbage bags and taken her for a run to make weight - wrestling style. Oh well, I ended up paying $10 per pound extra....what a joke!
I took Macie home and she was the definition of pathetic.
About a mile away from the vet, we were driving and she starts to throw up all over the place. Not much I could do but watch her. It was pretty nasty. I drove home fast and left her outside to chew on some grass and get the rest of the anesthesia out of her system, and then I cleaned the car.
When I let her back inside, she didn't want to jump up on the couch, so she would just stand by the couch, laying her head on the cushion. I pulled two cushions down to make a step for her, and she just laid there all night. I had to check her a few times to make sure she was still breathing...she looked dead. She really liked it when I scratched her ears.
We spent the whole night like that. She is getting better - the next morning (yesterday) she was a bit more perky and ate a little food. I had to find babysitters for her while I'm at work (so she won't get bored and rip open her incision), so my parents and my inlaws are thankfully helping out. She's started to scratch at it with her back feet, but that means it's healing, right?

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