Friday, January 2, 2009

Our newest perk

There are many perks that come with the house we rent. If I ever need an egg or some cupcake paper holders, I can run (literally) over to my aunt's house up the hill and borrow some. If we want to take Macie for a walk, she never needs a leash and has a lake to swim in around the corner. Bryan gets to be a kid every now and then when he gets roped in to one of my cousins' games of Airsoft. No garbage bill. No water bill. Free internet. Quiet, dark nights where you can see stars from horizon to horizon. Those are a few of the perks, and recently, we added another one.
I always knew there was a small indoor basketball court in the upstairs of the old barn out back, but we'd never been able to get up there since we moved in because it was locked.

My cousins recently told us where the key was hidden, and to our surprise (and especially Bryan's delight), the court had been redone and they even have an automatic ball returner!

This bball court is in the most unlikliest of places.

You would never think it was there if you didn't know because downstairs is an old sawmill looking area and outside, the barn looks like it's about to keel over from probably 100 years of wind, rain and chipping red paint. The barn is surrounded by old orange and yellow bus, stacks of tires, and a family of broken-down semi-trailer trucks used for logging the neighboring mountain in bygone decades. These people don't get rid of anything. It makes for a very interesting walk to the barn, where few know about the gem found there.

I think Bryan has been up to the barn to play basketball three times this week. He loves it. We just got back from playing PIG. I won once, and he won once too. Macie is the defender, and a very good rebounder actually.

She always attacks the ball before we can get to it.

She also peed on the floor, but don't tell anyone.

I rubbed her nose in it, and we cleaned it up...we'll have to make sure she piddles before basketball next time.

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