Friday, January 9, 2009

Macie: Devilish Chicken Killer

I've had to find babysitters for Macie since her surgery and yesterday she was at my parents' house. When I drove up to get her after work, I knew something had gone awry. The back yeard was covered in white chicken feathers. My mom met me at the door, and I asked her what happened. I knew by her look it was Macie.
Apparently, my mom went to pick up my brother from school and left Macie on a rope in the backyard, where my mom's chickens and dog Ryeleigh also were. When she came home 15 minutes later, Macie and Ryeleigh were yanking the rooster back and forth and one of the other chickens was already dead. My mom found the alive chickens hiding in different places, one had even gotten into the house through the basement door to escape the evil dogs! This is my guess of what happened:
Macie saw the chickens and wanted to play, so she pulled hard enough at her rope and it broke. She then started pouncing on and biting the chicken. The rooster probably saw this happen and came to the rescue. Macie then turned on the rooster, who was probably spurring her.
Ryleigh, the innocent observer, probably came over to see what all the fun was about and started finishing off the chicken while Macie and the rooster went at it.
Eventually, the chicken gave up the fight and Ryeleigh turned to fight Macie for the rooster.
Whatever happened, Macie and Ryeleigh got in big trouble when my mom came home. Ryeleigh got in the most trouble because she should have known better (she's lived with chickens her whole life). My mom tied the rooster carcass to Ryeleigh's collar, and so for the rest of the day she had to drag it around everywhere she went outside. She did not like it very much, and my mom said that is how dogs are trained to not attack chickens. I'd never heard of it before, but I could tell Ryeleigh won't ever do that least not without the coaxing of my devlish dog. Macie continues to prove that she is part evil.


Family of 5 said...

I'm sorry I had to laugh...but how said for the chickens! Wow! What a story! Hopefully that won't ever happen again, for your parents chickens sake too!

Joe said...

Poor chickens.......