Friday, June 13, 2008


I've come to realize that being a youth pastor's wife means there will be many many many high school graduations in my future -- along with my numb backsides.

The fun part is definitely at the end...once the hats are thrown, it's all a party! Here are a couple photos of Bryan and I with our grads!

First, Sprague students graduated on Friday, June 6. This photo is me with a couple of my girls from Salem Heights (Julie and Heather), one of my girls from CKC (Jane), and one of my sister-in-laws (Carolyn), who is both a Salem Heighter and an honorary Korean.

Next, Crescent Valley graduated on June 9. This is Bryan and me with all of our seniors at CKC: Jane, Janet, Wonmo and Chris.

Year two anniversary

So Bryan and I have now been married for two how time flies.
We kept up our tradition of Newport bed and breakfasts and tried out the Newport Belle, a sternwheeler built as a functional B & B that sits in Newport Bay with an uninhibited view of the bridge.
I have to say that our experiences with B & Bs has been excellent, and this was another good pick. I think it was $140 for one night, but that includes breakfast, our own room with a bathroom, a fantastic view, and even a firework show. The fireworks were not an every night treat, we just got lucky. Apparently, on Newport High School graduation night, the seniors ride out to the pier we were on in school buses, escorted by fire trucks and police cars, and watch a pretty impressive fireworks show.
We had no idea, or course, that this was going to happen.
Our day started off pretty lazy, sleeping in at home in Salem, and then we headed over to my parents to pick up Bryan's b-day gift -- a Rascal Flatts CD, which we listened to on our way to the beach.
We tried going to the Yaquina Head lighthouse, but -- buyer beware -- they only take cash or check for the stupid $5 fee. We went to Wal-Mart and bought some peanut M&Ms and got cash back, and then we headed back. We ended up spending quite a bit of time there, mainly listening to this old man talk about how the lighthouse keeper used to carry oil up to the top every day. We climbed a long way up to the top of the lighthouse and it was a cool view, but pretty anticlimactic. We walked down to the rock beach, and saw sea lions. Bryan tried to test the water to see if it was cold and ended up with wet pants and shoes.
Bryan tollerated my unstoppable need to constantly take photos, and we walked the smelly fishing docks.
We went out to dinner at Georgie's (awesome chicken and cheese wantons btw), and then headed back to our boat.
After watching the sun set (while wrapped in our bed's down comforter - it was quite breezy), we picked out a DVD to watch on Bryan's laptop in our room and were just watching the previews when we suddenly hear sirens all around us.
Looking out our windows, we watched fire trucks and police cars racing over the Newport bridge, and circling around toward our dock. I thought our boat had to be on fire, or something, because there were no other boats around, and it seemed like every engine and cop was coming right at us...and they were.
Luckily, there was no fire, just three screaming school buses which had miraculously sprouted arms and heads out of each window. We grabbed out down comforter again and stood outside our door, on the deck, watching fireworks explode only 200 feet away. It was so loud I could feel the explosions in my chest, and you could hear reverberations across the bay and over the city. It was pretty cool.
The next morning, we had some baked french toast, amazing fruit and yogurt, and then we were off to Corvallis for church. woo hoo for mini vacations!