Tuesday, November 30, 2010

In the Christmas Spirit

It's Christmastime in our house! Lauren got to decorate her first Christmas tree this year!
This is her being sad that the tree is naked. And the fun begins! One of her favorite ornaments.... Macie proudly presents the finished product! We decorated on Saturday night, and then on Monday we got a surprise Christmas present at our door! A big box with this inside! Well Bryan had to put it together, but in the end, we have a brand new glider rocker, thanks to my boss, Martha! We are so excited to use our new rocker!! We are so blessed by generous people surrounding us! Thank you!
By the way, here's the latest ultrasound on Nov. 9....the two floating blobs above her are her hands. And she was swallowing, but you can't tell.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Blazer fever

Last Saturday, Bryan and I got to go to a Blazer game with some college students from church. We had a great time wandering around Portland (despite the freezing cold temps) and just enjoying a night out together. Our baby's first game! Can you see the baby bump?? 99 days to go!!!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Operation Christmas Child

Years ago, as a faithful AWANA participant, I would take much pride in compiling a shoebox full of gifts for Operation Christmas Child, and this year I am once again blessed to do so. Our church is sending boxes to Samaritan's Purse, so a couple of the high school girls and I went out last wednesday to do our shopping and wrapping. Our host daughter, Lauren (on the left), and Lois wrapping their shoeboxes - which by the way is really difficult to do when you have to wrap the lids separately!!I bought this Santa hat for my OCC girl, and I'm going to send the picture of me wearing it with the box.Sidenote: below is me at 24 weeks (6 months!). Since this picture (taken three days ago), I feel like I've grown a ton, but I've promised myself to limit the number of belly pictures on here because they can be quite redundant.

I did reach a milestone on Saturday, though. A woman I didn't know asked me if I was expecting...and that's a first, so that means I'm showing now, I guess!

Things that are now uncomfortable to do:

- tie my shoes

- put on socks

- fill up Macie's food

- sleep

Monday, November 8, 2010

Back from Afghanistan!

It is a happy day when a soldier returns to safety, especially when that soldier is your best friend's husband! Ben is officially done with his tour in Afghanistan, and I was lucky to go to his demobilization ceremony this past Friday to see him for the first time! After all of the big wigs thanked his unit for their year-long deployment, he finally came into the crowd to say hello. Below, he is obviously saying hi to Alicia first.
A long-awaited reunion picture.His medals he was awarded in Afghanistan.Saying hi to friends... and his mom.
Talking with his superiors.Unfortunately, Ben could only stay home for the weekend, then had to go back up to Ft. Lewis in Washington on Sunday. He has to stay there to supervise the wounded soldiers in his unit, until they get transferred. No one is sure how long this will take, but we are praying for Ben and Alicia and their families, that they will make it through this extended transition time as smoothly as possible!