Monday, November 8, 2010

Back from Afghanistan!

It is a happy day when a soldier returns to safety, especially when that soldier is your best friend's husband! Ben is officially done with his tour in Afghanistan, and I was lucky to go to his demobilization ceremony this past Friday to see him for the first time! After all of the big wigs thanked his unit for their year-long deployment, he finally came into the crowd to say hello. Below, he is obviously saying hi to Alicia first.
A long-awaited reunion picture.His medals he was awarded in Afghanistan.Saying hi to friends... and his mom.
Talking with his superiors.Unfortunately, Ben could only stay home for the weekend, then had to go back up to Ft. Lewis in Washington on Sunday. He has to stay there to supervise the wounded soldiers in his unit, until they get transferred. No one is sure how long this will take, but we are praying for Ben and Alicia and their families, that they will make it through this extended transition time as smoothly as possible!

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Ben and Alicia said...

Awesome post! Since you were the only one who took pictures I was hoping you would post something. Thanks for coming!