Sunday, January 13, 2008

While I was out...

Plenty has happened since my last entry in here's an update:
I have a new job! After working in PR for the last year and a half, I landed a job as the Community Editor at the Woodburn Independent newspaper - an Eagle Newspapers company. I've worked there since Jan. 26 and I love it. Hours have been crazy because of the holidays, plus I took time off to go to Kim's wedding, so a lot of work had to be crammed into a couple of days, but I love being able to do my own thing and interview really interesting people. I get to write, take photos, page layout, and everything in between. It's great.
Secondly, as I referred to, Kim got married! Bryan, Haley and I drove 1300 miles last weekend to get down to Windsor/Santa Rosa, where we stayed at a sweet condo (compliments of my parents' timeshare) and hung out with Kim and the bridal party for 3 days. Bryan drove the whole way, and on the way there I worked on finishing my articles, and Haley snacked on whatever she could find every time we would stop for gas. While we were there, us girls were pretty busy, but Bryan enjoyed relaxing by himself in the condo. The wedding was hilarious...right down to the unfortunate lighting of the unity candle. We had a couple laughs, and enjoyed decorating Kim and Michael's honeymoon suite.
On the way home, I was free from work and watched The Office in the back seat with Haley as Bryan continued to drive. It was a great trip...we wish Kim and Michael the best!