Monday, June 20, 2011

A first Father's Day

Bryan experienced his first Father's Day yesterday! He is such an awesome daddy! Since we are celebrating all fathers, here's one of my dad's favorite pastimes, snoozing with Cayden.

We spent the day before Father's Day celebrating with Bryan's's three generations of fathers.

And great-grandpa Bernard smiling with Cayden.Daddy and daughter both enthralled with the iPad 2.Another goofy face. The flash on the camera is very eye-opening.Grandpa Bryce very happy with his new Cayden tie (look's her picture!)

And grandpa bernard getting some Cayden time. HAPPY FATHERS DAY TO ALL OF OUR AWESOME FATHERS!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Graduations and such...

Over the past week, we have been to 3 graduations, 8 softball games and 1 trip to grandma's house! Here's Cayden at the games last night....she is attempting to clash with every piece of her attire! Last weekend, Bryan's softball team won their first tournament down in Albany!Yesterday, grandma bought Cayden a Johnny Jump up. She doesn't really jump yet, but she likes to spin herself in circles! Funny face.Sun and Angela at Daniel and Angela's graduation party on Wednesday.At Coldstone....nice stripes!This picture is Cayen to a "T." Most of the time you will see her with her hands tucked behind her head, especially when she starts to get mad. We call it "distress mode."Here's Youngi's eighth-grade graduation on Wednesday with her family (she's in the middle). Us with Youngs.And now to CV's graduation on Monday...Us with Daniel and Angela. These kids were 8th graders when we started working at CKC!!!And then there was my little bro's graduation last Friday! My cousin Jilynne also graduated from Sprague. This is my grandparents with their two graduate grandkids.Shane with his band buddiesCayden was quite the trooper through all these graduations...this is her in the stands at Shane's graduation with great-grandma Hunter. Grandma is showing her a hand warmer from Aunt Kelley.So that's what we've been up to!!!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Goodbye to one daughter, three months for the other...

Our host daughter Lauren is now back in Korea for the summer! She and Chris (on the right) both flew out at 6 am yesterday morning and will be back August 22. Daniel (middle) came over to say goodbye, since he willbe off to college in Arizona before they return.
Also happening today...Cayden turns 3 months old! She was quite pleased with the Snickers we gave her in celebration.

Photo time with her giraffe...And she still loves her baths...

Three month stats:

Weight: 11 pounds (as far as I can tell)

Height: 2 feet! (24 inches)

Accomplishments: Doing crunches all the time (trying to sit up), smiling at different people, eating fists and sucking fingers, lots of drool, eating 3 oz every 2-3 hours, sleeping through the night 8-10 hours (most of the time), batting at her "Angry Bird" toy in car seat and her baby gym toys, and giving kisses (turns mouth toward kiss on cheek).

Hates: Getting her diaper changed when she's hungry, getting burped mid-bottle, sunshine in her eyes.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Bryan's getting older...

Happy Birthday Bryan!!Say whaat? It's daddy's birthday? After a busy day at church, we had a little family BBQ at our house for Bryan's 26th birthday. Auntie Lauren an Uncle Jason had some fun with Cayden...Go Beavers!

Uncle Jason and Cayden chillin'Can you tell that Cayden ate WAAY too much cake? Auntie Carolyn loves to smile with Cayden! Happy birthday to my wonderful husband. You are the best husband to me and the best father to our daughter. I love you so much and can't wait for the next 26 years of our lives!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Beach babes

Sandy toes anyone?Today was our good friends Kyle and Kari's anniversary, and they invited us to go to the beach with their little family on this gorgeous day to celebrate! Here's the cute couple going to check out the waves.

Their yougest, Kylie, got a little grubby eating sand every chance she got!And after their oldest got over the feeling of sand between her toes, Isla had a great time following the boys around and digging holes with Bryan.Cayden was a trooper, as long as she stayed in the shade! Here's mamma Kari with her girls...nice smile Kylie! Beach bums. Lauren pretty much slept the whole time, thanks to the Drammamine she took before we left in the morning.
Do you like Cayden's new outfit? It was a little big, but the only outfit we had with a sun hat.

Friday, June 3, 2011


Today was beautifully sunny for the last night of youth group.....our annual scavenger hunt!!! I'll get to that in a minute, but because I'm chronologically inclined, I have to start from the beginning of the day. Lauren, her friend Hannah, Cayden and I took a trip up to Woodburn for the girls to go shopping and for me and Cayden to visit some friends. We stopped by the Bartruff's house in Aurora, then went to North Marion to visit my school district office buddies, then to the Woodburn Independent to visit too. Vic and Carolyn (Bartruff) were headed out to the Beaver Baseball game, but took a few minutes to love on their daughter's namesake. And tonight was the scavenger's my group in the the telephone boothWalking backwards across a cross walk.Doing rock band in front of Gracewinds....I like Angela's acting super not enthusiastic.And here's our beloved seniors, Angela and Daniel, with a little sophomore Stephen thrown in.