Thursday, June 2, 2011

Meeting the friends...

Sorry for the week-long hiatus! I left my camera at our friends' house over the weekend, so I had no camera for 3 days!!! And that also meant I didn't have my SD card with pictures on it to blog with! So here's what happened in the last week....Esther finally came to meet Cayden. We went to keep Grandma Julie company since Grandpa Bryce is away in Indonesia.

And we had a few photo shoots, which Cayden was not super excited for...

But she's a trooper.

And loves to smile!

We went over to Mei and Jeff's house for dinner on Sunday to have a potluck with some of the young adults from our church. Cayden got to meet Sarah...And Sarah's daughter Jessi, along with her new biggest fan, Kyoungi. And Jane and Super also love her!

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