Saturday, June 4, 2011

Beach babes

Sandy toes anyone?Today was our good friends Kyle and Kari's anniversary, and they invited us to go to the beach with their little family on this gorgeous day to celebrate! Here's the cute couple going to check out the waves.

Their yougest, Kylie, got a little grubby eating sand every chance she got!And after their oldest got over the feeling of sand between her toes, Isla had a great time following the boys around and digging holes with Bryan.Cayden was a trooper, as long as she stayed in the shade! Here's mamma Kari with her girls...nice smile Kylie! Beach bums. Lauren pretty much slept the whole time, thanks to the Drammamine she took before we left in the morning.
Do you like Cayden's new outfit? It was a little big, but the only outfit we had with a sun hat.

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