Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Family reunions

So both of our families had family reunions this summer. Now this is a regular occurance for my family, but Bryan's side hasn't been together in this capacity for about 6 years. The Bernard family reunion was first, over Fourth of July weekend at the coast. We had a great time doing our own firework show (since the fog cancelled the ones in Newport Bay)... ...and flying our kite. The kite was pretty boring, I have to admit. And it was super windy and cold, so we didn't stay out there long. We did get to go golfing though, and that was great! Here's more photos of fireworks....including Bryan's evil eyes!!! And Carrie's sparklers.... And the freaky smoke children... And Faith (one of Bryan's cousins). We also took family pictures...which sometimes included Taavi. This is Bryan's Grandparents and their dog, Taavi. This is the whole family (except for three cousins from Ohio who couldn't be there). This is just our family with Grandma and Grandpa. And here's all the cousins. Second was my family reunion in Dallas. This year was special because almost everyone from my mom's immediate family was there! All of the cousins were there, so we snapped a photo. It's been a while since this has happened. The photo includes the only great-grandkid (Jamin). Here's one of all my mom's sibling and my grandparents. I made them kiss, just for kicks. Here's the Ullman siblings. And here's JJ. And me holding Jamin.

Monday, July 13, 2009

A straight week of softball

Pretty much every day of last week and the weekend, Bryan played softball. I got to play on one of those days, but other than that, I was just a fan. There were rainout games to make up, plus a tournament Friday and Saturday in Newberg. The guys took second place at the tournament and Bryan was awarded the "Golden Glove" for his lack of errors playing shortstop. Here's a few pics of the guys playing. Jeff Ivie (below). Mark pitching behind the back. Mark pitching normal. Mike attempting a catch in right field. Dustin getting tagged out at home (bummer). Ryan making a catch in left center field. Jay running the bases. Rich throwing from second. Jason catching a ball in left field (look at the two handed catch and the expression on his face!). Greg behind the plate getting the bat thrown at him. Bryce batting. Intense.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

AZ pics

I'm late in getting these out, but here are some photos from our mission trip to AZ! San enjoyed daily pudding eating contests. This one with pink tapioca was for Ashley's Pink Birthday Party. Most of the time San got beat by Kendra Chica, but this time Tyler Howell was victorious. Here is Bryan Abbey, Daniel and Jessica leading sing n play. They were awesome leaders! Sun was quick to find the kids she worked with last year: Uriah, Buggy and Moony. I believe that is Moony on her shoulders. Tae-Han was a kid magnet outside. When they weren't group tackling him, they were begging for piggyback rides. Veronica made many friends with the Navajos, here she is doing some sidewalk chalk art! Michael beat up on the kids playing speed. Below is Clayton (our college student) who wrote the Navajo kids' names in Korean for them.Jessica hard at work during VBS snack time. Below, Jane and Angela give the ever-requested piggyback rides.
This is Jae with one of his little girls. Horseshoe bend was beautiful. Our group took a photo at horseshoe bend. This is our group at Lake Powell. I think Daniel is giving Amanda Asian eyes.
Another beautiful Lake Powel pic of the girls being weird. They entertained themselves (and me) by launching each other in the air. Below is Jane. And Jessica... And Tae-Han... And Sun... And San... And Angela... This is what Shane does for fun! Yes, he is shaving his legs!This is Daniel and Michael flying through the air like superheroes.
Here is Bryan preaching on Sunday at the Navajo service. And then, him coloring with Joevita...yes Joevita is a girl who looks like a boy because they have to cut her hair so short to keep the lice away. Here is Beth and Jessica swimming in Lake Powell. Beth is wearing her sweet swim jacket because she is allergic to the sun.