Sunday, January 11, 2009

Pay me with pizza and I'll do anything...

Because I am such a good friend (and might have been coerced), I went over to Alicia's house yesterday to help her construct her prized Black Friday purchase: a carport of all things. They heat their house with a wood stove, and apparently they have a lot of wood to keep dry. I don't think she anticipated how large this carport is, but there was no turning back once the boxes were opened. Supposedly this was an hour-long job (according to the box). I got there around 3:15 and we didn't quit until around 7 p.m. One of the problems was the instructions, which were wrong. I know most of you are thinking, "Stupid girls don't know how to read instructions," but I will let you know that we are very handy girls, and the instructions were WRONG! This fatal mistake in the instructions cost us an extra hour of undoing half of the bolts we had just put in (16 to be exact), flipping the bar around and re-bolting them. We managed to complete the top of the carport, the trusses, and got the tarp tightly placed over the top. By then we were pooped, Macie was tired of running around eating all the wood laying around and I hat stepped on a nail, which barely missed my big toe. We were done. And we went to Pizza Hut, where Ben met us for dinner after his drill.

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