Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Here are a couple photos that I enjoy.
The first one is from a shopping trip with the high school girls at Corvallis Korean Church. We spent 5 hours in Lloyd Center, and if anyone knows me, I was about to DIE. Obviously, they had a great time, as you can see them doing the the typical asian pose...the peace signs (they were kidding by the way). Esther (second on the left) did not want to play along. These girls are awesome, and make me laugh!

The second photo is from Shane and Carrie's All-City concert. My older brother, (on right) Steven, came, so we snapped a sibling photo. Guess who needs a haircut? He would make a good Jesus, huh? I also am apparently the only one in my family that can keep my eyes open for a picture.

The third is from our Spring Retreat with Corvallis Korean Church in late March.

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Julie A said...

Hey Charissa. I always knew that you would work at a Korean church:) How's it going? You are a great writer. Your blog has kept me entertained here at work in the wee hours of the morning. Sounds like you have an awesome job! Talk to you soon.