Monday, December 26, 2011

A little more joy this Christmas

We started out our Christmas festivities at my Grandma's house in Dallas on Christmas Eve. Cayden had fun attacking Grandma's tree and chewing on Grandpa's 70-year-old toys.

 After the Christmas Eve service at Salem Heights, we went over to the Adamsons for dessert with the Hunter side of the fam. All of my cousins on my dad's side were there, which is pretty amazing because three of us our married with kids, and it's harder and harder to get us all together! Below is a picture of me and Cayden with my two cousins and their babies. The babies were all born within 6 months of each other!
Sleeping was not one of Cayden's fortes on Christmas Eve. We spent the night at Bryan's parents' house, and she woke up 3 times that night, which meant a slightly crabby Cayden the next day. She woke up to open presents, then had to go back to take a nap before she finished opening presents!
Cayden getting some help from Daddy in opening one of her many presents. This one was a really cute Beaver sweatshirt, a book and a Jamba card from the Bartruffs. It was impossible to sit there on Christmas morning and not be taken back to Christmas morning last year, when we received the call that our friend Beth had passed away unexpectantly. The Bartruffs (her parents) have now become a part of our family, and the sure love our little Cayden Elizabeth Ann.  
After Christmas morning with the Bernards, we headed back to Corvallis for church, had some great fellowship celebrating The King, and ate some amazing Korean food before heading back to Bryan's grandparents' house in West Salem for Christmas dinner.
Below, Grandpa Bryce is letting Cayden try some brussell sprout. 
Due to terrible sleeping patterns, Cayden refused to go to bed on Christmas Day (night). Thankfully, there were many hands to help take care of the sleepy grump ball, including Aunt Carrie reading "The Night Before Christmas," which Cayden got as a gift from Great Grandma Hunter. 

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