Monday, August 1, 2011

Bernard Vacation 2011

We had an awesome week in Sisters, relaxing and such! We went with Bryan's parents, his brother and sister-in-law and Bryan's sister.
Cayden got to try out her swimsuit for the first time! We played voleyball one night...3 on 3 with one person holding Cayden. She liked watching us, and wanted to eat the ball. This was her face the whole time we were playing. Pretty hilarious.The next day we went to the fish hatchery. Cayden liked licking the carrier.And we fed the fish.This was the rMetolius River next to the hatchery...amazing blue water!And the flowers were beautiful.We took a second to take some family are all the Bernard girls. Great job looking at the camera Cayden!Family pic.We took Cayden's toys from Grandma Julie's house so she would be entertained. She loved chewing on the green leaf. We were talking about how we need to get one of these exersaucers for our house, and then today Jane and Stephen Kim showed up with a brand new one just like the one at grandma Julie's! So Cayden now gets to chew on her green leaf at home now too!We went to Mt. Bachelor and rode the lift up the mountain....which Cayden HATED.As soon as we sat down on the lift, she started screaming. Once we got to the top, she was fine, but on the way down, she was screaming again!The view from the restaraunt up there...See? She was fine once she got off the lift. Julie and I stayed with her while the rest of the fam went and played a few holes of the frisbee gofl course up there. There was also a pool basically in our front yard. Cayden had her first pool experience. She couldn't go in all the way, but she got to splash with her feet. We also got her a new sun hat.We also got to see my aunt and uncle and cousins who live in Bend. We had dinner and spent the evening with them one night and they absolutely loved Cayden! I've never seen kids play with her for so long, but they did the whole time she was awake! It was really great to see them. Below are my cousins Aiden, Irelan, Saige and Evan. Saige was the flower girl in our wedding and Cayden's name is unintentionally pretty much a combo of Aiden's full name (Aiden Cade).

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