Friday, April 15, 2011

Rockin' with Chris Tomlin

I figure everyone could use a change of scenery in the blog world, so I am taking a break from baby pictures and telling you all (maybe just the 5 people that read this...) about our adventures last night at the Chris Tomlin concert.
The CV kids didn't have school yesterday and Bryan's softball game got cancelled, due to this wonderful spring rain, so on Sunday, we randomly decided to go to the concert (in Portland). The catch was...Lauren still had she went to her all-important pre-calculus class 1st period and then we checked her out of school for the rest of the day. Then we all (Sun, Angela, Bryan, Cayden, Lauren and I) piled into the van and headed north. We dropped off Cayden and Bryan's parents' house for the day and then went to Washington Square for some serious shopping. After 5 hours of H & M, Forever 21 and some pick-me-up Jamba Juice, we headed to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner with Sun's friend Lonny, who was also going to the concert that night. Then we headed over to Rolling Hills Church in Tualatin for the concert! Who knew these girls would FREAK out so much at a worship concert!! The group...besides Bryan and me. Lonny actually sat with his friend in a different seat, but he came to say hi.
During the encore, Chris Tomlin yelled out for all the young people to come down to the front to basically create a mosh orderly Christian one of course...jk. I told the girls they should go down there, and they jumped all over it, getting right up against the stage, and getting multiple hand shakes from CT. They were GIDDY when they came back after the last 2 songs.

"Chris Tomlin touched my hand!"

"No he grabbed our hands!"

"He was literally this far away!"

"He grabbed our hands three times!"




It was a great night.

And because I can't resist a couple...Here's Cayden giving her daddy a hug.And in her swing...she is becoming more and more observant.

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Jamie said...

I am listening to Chris Tomlin in my office today. LOVE his music.