Thursday, October 6, 2011

Funny thing happened last night...

Last night was Crrrraazzzzzzzy.
It was pretty much a normal day until nightfall.
I tutor on Mondays and Wednesdays from 7-9pm and Bryan stays home with Cayden and the kids.
Bryan has a college retreat this weekend and wanted to go food shopping after I got home. On my way to tutoring, I noticed that the gas gauge was on E, which is NOT a good thing, especially in the white car. It takes two hands to count how many times I have run out of gas in that car. Once in college, my roommates and I had to push it down Lancaster to get to the gas station. So, mental note: get gas on the way home because I don't have time right now because I'm always late.
Two hours later, when I finished tutoring, I called Bryan to see if he would rather me just go shopping since I was already in town. He said he'd rather just go shopping with me. The baby was sleeping, it was 9:30 pm and she should be sleeping for the night, so I told Bryan to come and meet me at Winco and leave the SLEEPING baby with Joe and Lauren. 
So Bryan told Lauren she was in charge, to which she responded, "WHAT?" She's not really a baby person. Bryan assured her that everything would be fine and that the baby was sleeping away. 
So we shopped and shopped for all the food for the college students and then when we were ALMOST done, perusing the chip aisle for walkin' taco chips when my phone rings and I KNOW it's Lauren. I answer the phone and all I hear is my baby screaming. And Lauren. Freaking out. I almost laughed. So I coached Lauren to find the milk in the fridge and feed her, and I left Bryan with a cart full of unhealthy college food and took off for home (we had two cars, remember?).
When I reached the corner store, my car started to sputter and I KNEW. I almost made it home. ALMOST. On a very dark 99W just south of the blueberry fields, my car rolled to a stop in on the shoulder, about a mile from home. Cherry on top: it was raining. 
I call Bryan, he's at checkout. I call Lauren, Joe answers.
Our conversation: 
Joe: Hello?
Me: Hi, how's she doing?
Joe: This is Joe.
Me: Hi, how's Cayden?
Joe: Lauren is feeding.
Me: Ok well I ran out of gas, so Bryan is going to pick me up and we will be there soon.
Joe: Ok. What time?
Me: About 15 minutes? (This is a lie...not intentional, just wishful thinking)
Joe: Ok, byeee.
After watching headlights after headlights ZOOM past me, I finally see one with a blinker and Bryan is there to save me! We rush home, leaving the white car and its hazards flickering in our rear view mirror. 
When we get home, Lauren is in her bedroom window giving us a stare down....I don't think she will be volunteering for babysitting anytime soon. By that time, Cayden is fine, just tired and a little gassy. We still have to go get the white car, so we pack Cayden up in her car seat with her apple juice and take off. Of course now it is 11:00pm and all the close and convenient gas stations are closed, so we have to drive all the way into town to get 2 gallons of gas. When we get back to my car, the hazards are no longer blinking. Bad sign, FYI. The battery is dead.....could this get worse? No, actually, it doesn't get worse. A random tow truck pulls up behind us and helped us with some super long jumper cables and after a few minutes of pouring on the juice, our car was running again and the baby was fast asleep in her car seat. Moral of the story....always bring the baby.   


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