Saturday, October 22, 2011

The secret to easy fall pics!

We finally have grass for Cayden's little toes to wiggle in! This fall we tore up our whole yard with my grandpa's tractor and reseeded the entire quarter-acre yard (which is no small feat!). I was very mad when clover started growing en mass before my grass even had a chance, but the grass is coming up now too and hopefully the weed killer in the spring will take care of the clover.  
 In other news, Cayden is still not crawling, for the million people that ask me this every day!! Below is as close as she gets. She will rock back and forth like this, and then just flop on to her stomach.
 I also discovered a trick to holiday pics (at least fall pics). Go to your local nursery....I went to Garland's on Hwy 20....they are all decked out in fall props just waiting for a cute baby to sit in them!
 I love her two teeth!
 It was semi-scary to take this picture because I put her inside the huge planters, but she held herself up just fine and the planters have such cool colors!

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Nate said...

Great idea about going to the local nursey for a Photoshoot! :]