Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Cabin with the girls

Three of my high school friends and I recently got together for a sleepover at my family's cabin in Dallas... it was a short trip (about 12 hours), but we had a great night basically just talking about our lives.

We missed having Cindra and Samantha there, but we still managed to have plently of laughs and educational discussion. This was when we were attempting to NOT drop Mallory. It took a few takes.

We also loved the fire, even though it looks like there is no fire in this photo. We had it roaring all night!


thecrainsnest said...

Did you notice that I have a stub for an arm? For those concerned...I do still have my full left arm, I just apparently dont know how to keep it down for photos!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures. I want copies please.Alicia

Family of 5 said...

FUn! Miss those girls! And you of course too Charissa! :0)

Tinseth Family said...

Love that you guys still get together. You all have a special place in my heart. And you all look GREAT!