Tuesday, September 1, 2009

August events - Mariners and more!!

Since it is now September, I will write about August....I'm not sure anyone reads this anymore because I never update! Sorry! August went by in a rush, but Bryan and I did get to a Mariner game to see Griffey play (my first time seeing him ever!) and we also went to Wild Waves with the youth group and had an all-church retreat in there.
We'll start with the annual all church retreat...our fourth one with the Koreans!
As usual, Blokus was a hit, along with FIFA soccer and some video game where they shoot each other.
Bryan and the girls getting ready for worship.Lois and Young-iHere's Andy and Stephen playing keep away before chapel.
Then came Wild Waves (which I thankfully was able to get off work for). The day started out early in Corvallis (where we had stayed overnight in the church) and we barely made it past Woodburn before the first potty break. Stinkin' boys!It was a dreary day, but the kids had fun and I still managed to get a sunburn! We ended up fleeing the park an hour early due to a torrential downpour, followed by a frantic search for a cheap pizza place, but in the end it was a day full of great memories!
We took San and Daniel (two juniors in youth group) with us to the Mariner game. Before the game, we stopped by this Korean restaurant in Federal Way and it was amazing. The boys ordered for us in Korean and we ate a lot (as evidenced by the huge amount of food on the table! We cooked our own meat right on the table! The boys were in heaven. Also before the game, we walked around downtown Seattle, including Pike's Place, where we saw a fish get thrown over a bride and groom (see it whizzing by?). We saw three different weddings going on that day! We also watched this amazing spray painter make a Seattle Skyline (below with people looking at it) with just bottles of spray paint, a peice of paper, a few plastic lids and a paint scraper. Daniel and San had to have their picture taken with the guy. He was a little odd...too much spray paint inhalation...When we finally got to the game, we settled down in our bleacher seats. It was the first time Daniel and San had been to a game and the first time for us sitting in the bleachers, so it was enjoyed by all, even though the Mariners got beat and Griffey (appropriately nicknamed "Wiffy" by an annoying fan behind us) struck out three times. While good pictures are hard to come by without a zoom lens, I did catch one of Ichiro making an awesome catch. Here are some other photos I took throughout the day. Enjoy!I only took this photo to document the bad grammar on the sign below....did you catch it?


Kaitlynn Chritton said...

Your photo of the Korean food made me really miss Korea.... yum yum.
Love your photos like always!

Kyle and Kari said...

I really like your picture of the safeco sign, very cool