Wednesday, June 13, 2007

First Anniversary

So we made it one year! Bryan and I celebrated our first anniversary last sunday (June 10) in Newport. Bryan arranged for us to stay at a bed and breakfast, and instead of buying eachother presents, we decided to put our money into buying a new really awesome camera. We bought it Saturday morning and I was so excited to take it to the beach with us (as you can see from all the pictures above). I never realized how cool bed and breakfasts are...way better than hotels, and it even had a built in lighthouse/crows nest at the peak of the house's roof. That was my favorite place. We also HAD to get pictures of the bridge, even if it meant waking up at 7:00 A.M. to avoid the rain! We took off by 10:30 to get back to Corvallis for church (more pictures), topping off a great weekend. The only bad part was the green slime that I accidently stepped in (wearing flip flops) when trying to set the timer for that picture of me and Bryan above.

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