Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Really long really late Halloween post

So I'm a bit late because I thought Bryan was going to update his blog with these photos, but I guess he's not yet because he's too busy (understandably).

Bryan holds a high school Bible study on Wednesday night, called Man Club because it used to be just for guys, and the name stuck.
Anyway, on the week of Halloween, he brought the kids up to Salem to go to the deaf school haunted house. Shocker -- they have never been to a haunted house, and hardly any of them carve pumpkins! Isn't that terrible?!
Anyway, we exposed them to the scary clowns, strobe lights and chainsaw attacks of the deaf school haunted house, and I had a great time laughing at all their screaming. I only got scared once...maybe twice. My favorite was when a guy popped out and freaked Bryan out! I laughed so hard!
The whole time I had Sun literally attached to my left arm. I think she had her eyes closed the entire time and was crying by the end...yes she is a Junior in high school.
We had a great time, all except Sun, and hopefully this will become a great tradition!

Also included in this blog is the Halloween update on Isla.

She was an angel for Halloween, and Kyle and I had a great time setting her up for photos ... don't worry, we didn't make her "fly" like Bryan wanted to (throwing her between him and Kyle - I really hope he was kidding). Kari sewed Isla's little wings on a onesie (how do you spell that??), and it was pretty cute. We played golf for game night (it's a card game). Kyle kicked butt, but I managed second place, yay!

Ok, this is really the last Halloween thing, I promise!
So on the real Halloween night we had youth group, and a big party. Bryan and I dressed up, him as a cowboy and me as a Karate guy. We were two of the four people who dressed up, but oh well! Most of the kids didn't dress up because they thought no one else would. We gave away a prize for the best dressed, which went to Joe - $25 to the movies, and I think next year everyone will dress up! Stephen was the other one who dressed up, and he came in a close second with his hobo outfit. He got a big bag of candy, so he was happy. We did pumpkin bowling, pie eating, soda chugging, mummy wrapping and pumpkin puzzles. The kids had a great time and plenty of sugar! Macie also dressed up as a ladybug.
Stephen broke the tab off of his pop before he could chug it. This is him exclaiming, "THAT'S NOT FAIR!" Pumpkin bowling Mummy wrapping - that is Eric hiding under Joe's scary mask. Yul and Sam chugging along. Joe and Young-i volunteered for the pie eating contest .. they had to find the gummy worms in the whipped cream.
Pumpkin puzzle.

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Family of 5 said...

Lookslike you had a fun time! Baby Isla pics are adorable too! You have a very fun group of kids in your youth group!