Wednesday, August 19, 2009

July events: Camping and JJ's b-day

So I know it's been a has been busy and I haven't found the time to edit my photos and get them uploaded. Going back to last month, Bryan and I took the youth group back to Honeyman State Park for the third 180 camping trip. The fire was a feet magnet. Bryan is forever terrorizing the kids (Young-i in this photo), along with the help of Young-i's older sister Sun. Sandboarding...almost everybody tried it, even if they needed a helping hand. Can you say "wedgie?"Note the dog in the bottom right hand corner closing in on Stephen. I think Macie has an identical twin in Florence.Superman! Man RunOnce again, Bryan is terrorizing. I love Jane's face.I caught Joe smiling!Dogpile on Jae....we miss him....The giant splash.

This is Daniel trying to catch a squirrel. While he was unsuccessful, the middle schoolers and I caught two squirrels (one Andy caught by himself) and Tae-Han caught a bird. My cousin J.J. also celebrated his birthday recently at the Vettrus pool!
This is the birthday boy and his dad (my uncle Jeff).
Blowing out his monkey cake candle that he made!

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