Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Springing into the break

For the first time since high school, I am not working during Spring Break, so we decided to take advantage of Bryan and the kids not having school and headed over to the beach after church on Sunday for a few days away from home with my parents and brothers. We stayed at the WorldMark in Depoe Bay, which had awesome ocean views!
The first night we were there, Lauren, my mom, Steven, Minsu and I played Monopoly. The game went for 4 hours, until we paused at 2 a.m. to sleep, then were back at it in the morning. It really ended up being a battle between Steven and Minsu, and Minsu came out victorious and now he is always asking to play Monopoly again.
On Monday, we headed over to Beverly Beach, stopping (of course) for ice cream along the way. Minsu's ice cream was apparently as big as his fist. At the beach, Shane taught Minsu how to play chicken with the waves and I think both of our kids realized they should have worn shorts.Lauren likes to get herself in trouble by splashing everyone....eventually the waves paid her back... There were also epic battles of long toss beween Steven and Bryan, while I napped in the sand. Contrary to what the kids claim, I did not nap ALL day (they think I am boring), but I WILL nap when I am on vacation! On Tuesday, Siera came over to the beach as well, so we headed out again. Dad took the scenic route, landing us at Cape Foul Weather, which is a house on a cliff with this amazing view!Normal smiles do not exist for him, I guess.
Next, we headed to Devil's Punch Bowl and tide pools. Minsu couldn't get over all the sea anemones and Bryan and Lauren were even brave enough to stick their fingers into them....YUCK! Below is Lauren doing just that....I love Bryan's reflection int he water smiling!
We found plenty of fat starfish, hermit crabs and slippery seaweed to fall on (see the chivilrous guys below).
The tide was out, so we could go inside Devil's Punch Bowl. My dad lounging around while the kids and Bryan make a sandcastle. He was really tired from searching for hermit crabs. Part one: Boys complete construction of the sandcastle.
Part two: girls complete decoration of sandcastle. All done! After the beach and lunch back in Depoe Bay, we packed up our things and headed home. After plenty of chatter and playing in the sun, we had a quiet ride home.

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The Finch's said...

I am so glad that you and your family were able to spend time together this spring break. Looked like amazing weather and fun by all! Glad to see the whole family was able to get together for this special time!!! =) Glad that you are finding things to do with your children while they are here just for a bit longer! Enjoy this beautiful day!