Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The big day for our CV grads

So last night, we attended our 3rd Crescent Valley High School graduation! Three kids from our church graduated: Sun-Young Yim, Tae-Han Yeo and John Kim. Sorry there are no pictures of John - he likes to avoid the camera! Above are Sun and Tae-Han waiting to get their diplomas! They had to sit in alphabetical order....right next to each other!They definitely had a big cheering section, including Stephen and Jane, who made cool signs! Here they are, throwing hats....what a long ceramony! Afterwards, we headed to "our spot" outside and the paparazzi began! Please try to ignore Jane's intrusion behind the above photo!!

Sun and Tae-Han! The whole gang!!! Sun and Me! We are so proud of this girl!Sun and her college boys....oh man we are going to have to keep tabs on this girl at school next year! The girls...

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