Monday, July 12, 2010

Much to tell...

Sometimes our lives aren't very interesting, thus the lack of blogging. Then, other times, there is just too much to share and a lack of internet connection, which also leads to blog neglect. This month, the problem has been the latter. Over the past month, we said goodbye to our host students (Lauren and Minsu), took our youth group to Arizona for our first solo (without Salem Heights) mission trip, bought a house, cleaned, moved, and said hello to the newest member of the Lute family! First off, since she's so Kylie Marie Lute. Our friends Kyle and Kari had their second little girl yesterday (7-11-10) at 2:08 p.m. We went to see her and spent about 2 hours there with the little fam. Seven pounds, 18 inches, and not a peep of crying! She is one chill baby. It has also been blasted hot this past week. Young-i and Kyle came to stay with us for a night, and Sun and Andy came over too one day and we had a water fight to cool kyle down.
Youngs had to be dragged out into the water. She was not a fan. Andy loved it too.When we got home from Arizona, we had a very dirty "new" house to move into, which had no shelving or rods in any of the closets! This is our master bedroom closet (which was just a room!).So we went to Home Depot and spent a ton on shelves, rods, and such and Bryan went to work. Here's the finished project in the master! Only 7 more closets to go!
Sidenote: My bluberries are getting blue!!!

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