Friday, December 17, 2010

It's not about me.

Have you ever seen someone in need of help you couldn't supply?
Yesterday, I was waiting for my checks to be cashed in the drive through at MaPS Credit Union when I saw a guy whose car had obviously died in a very inconvenient place. He was on a connector road, where no one seemed to be driving by, and to top it off, he was trying to push his car uphill into the closest parking lot. He was trying to steer his car and push at the same time, which was not going well. A few cars drove by, ignoring the obvious need.
I felt almost as helpless. There I months pregnant and entirely incapable of pushing a car up a hill...nevermind the fact that I was alone, and helping a random guy by myself probably wouldn't be the smartest idea. But still...I felt like I was the only one who really noticed this 30-year-old frumpy looking guy straining to push his beat up car. Every time a car would pass, he seemed to expect some kind of help, but the people just kept driving by.
Sometimes you just have to pray that someone else will provide help that you can't. A couple of cars pulled into the parking lot in front of me, and every time one drove in, I prayed they would stop to help the poor guy. Finally, after three cars and my growing disapointment in people, a van pulled up and into a spot and out jumped a mom and four teenagers. I was so blessed by them, I almost cried. The jogged down, and had the car up the hill and into the parking lot in a matter of seconds. By the time I got my deposit slip, the family was back on the road again, and the guy was in a much safer place.
I'm very thankful today...thankful that if I'm unusable in a certain situation, God finds another way. Sometimes it's even more of a blessing to watch others doing God's work. Because it's not all about me.

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Kyle and Kari said...

LOVE IT! :) God is so good! He used you and your prayers AND the woman and her children to help that man. Funny to think that this guy probably felt very alone at that time, but he was much less alone than he will ever know.