Sunday, April 22, 2012

Catching up

 I haven't updated in a while, so now there's lots of photos! 
The Bartruffs came for lunch last weekend, on their way to a Beavers baseball game.
 It was great to see them and catch up on life.
We are finally getting to enjoy some good weather, though Cayden absolutely loves being outside, rain or shine. Her favorite thing to do at our house is play with the little rocks next to our driveway. She tastes them, brings them to us, and we throw them back.  
 My cousin Jilynne came to visit last weekend too. She is friends with Lauren, so they hung out doing crazy stuff, including dressing Cayden up in Great Grandma Shrewsbury's wig. Not sure how Jilynne ended up with that.
 On Wednesday, Cayden and I went to have lunch with my older brother, Steven.
 We had some tasty pizza and then uncle Steven played his guitar for us. Cayden loves musical instruments (pianos, guitars, recorders, etc.) and she has recently learned how to dance around in circles when she hears music.
 Our friend Jane came over on Thursday for lunch, and it was fun to catch up with her. 
 We also got out to the park one night this week and played with our neighbors. Joe played basketball with them, while Lauren and I played catch and Bryan watched Cayden run around with the other two little kids.
 Bryan and Lauren also tried teeter-tottering, which did not work out well for Lauren.
Bryan is a very dangerous teeter-totter counterpart.
 I never realized how good the lighting is at sundown. No squinty eyes, but beautiful, soft light that doesn't need a flash. I think I've found a new favorite time of day for photos!
 Joe spent about 45 minutes making Cayden a daisy chain....first he attempted a bracelet,
and then a necklace, which turned into a crown because Cayden's head is so big.
 We all wore our Breakaway sweatshirts (not planned!), so we had to get a family pic! 
Apparently Cayden needs one too!
 Swinging with Daddy
 Our neighbors!
Funny glimpse into our life: This morning, Cayden was drinking her bottle while I was changing her diaper. When I finished, she noticed the box of wipes. Normally, she goes straight for pulling ALL of the wipes out, but this time, she instead started feeding the baby on the box with her bottle. So funny!

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