Friday, February 22, 2013

Making Valentines

 Valentine's Day was lots of fun this year as we made our 2nd annual card-delivering journey to Salem. I thought I'd show how we made our cards this year, just for fun.
Step 1: Make tape hearts and place them on the blank cards, then tape card to easel. 
Step 2: Get out some WASHABLE paints.
  Step 3: Let the little one paint the card. Make sure they paint all the way around the hearts.
*helpful hint: while the hearts are reusable, it's good to have a couple sets of hearts/blank cards ready to paint because your kid will get bored and start painting other things while you are moving the hearts from the finished cards to the blank cards. 
 Step 4: Take off the tape hearts and let it dry. 
I later wrote a Valentine's Day note on the cards. 
 Cayden was very excited  to receive some goodies for Valentine's Day too. Great Grandma Hunter gave her a TON of stickers, which we are using in moderation...
 We visited Beth's tree at Corban. It's going to be fun to watch them grow together. Last year, Cayden had to reach up to hold that branch!
 We stopped in to see Grandpa Bryce, but he was busy Cayden took his phone calls.
 We also dropped off a Valentine for baby Blake and Jas and Lauren.
 And Grandma "Chicky" also caught up with us...

and Cayden caught uncle "Feeve"
On a not-so-similar note, we finally cleaned out the white car (after months of not running) and we found some old treasures!

This car is like a time capsule...Rascal Flatts CD cover (missing the CD), a love note from Bryan from when we were dating, a car registration destroyed by coffee, a rock I painted in college, toothpaste?, 5 spoons, 1 fork, and Kyle and Kari's engagement announcement (8 years ago).

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