Thursday, April 5, 2007

22 is too grown up

I can't remember a single birthday when it was so sunny outside, but isn't it great? What's even greater is that I am spending the majority of my sunny birthday sitting in my office at my desk looking out the window. While looking out the window has been a favorite past time at work, today is not so great because all I can think about is my new-found love for tennis and how great it was to have a birthday when you were little. It figures that my first sunny birthday comes on the first year that I have a full-time job that I can't get away from. Granted, I did get a catered birthday lunch, and I didn't have to have any ridiculous songs sung to me, and there were no candles on my blueberry buckle, but if I was still little, and it was sunny, I would be having a great time getting muddy somewhere, and not caring because it was my birthday and mom couldn't get mad. If I was little, I could wear my hightop LA Gears anywhere I went, instead of these uncomfortable dress shoes that leave black marks on my kitchen floor. Yeah, life was good. But life's not so bad now, either. I mean, I get to dream about little blue houses with white fences, I get to go out to eat much more often then I should, I get to learn how to play tennis, I get to play Tiger Woods Golf on XBox, and I get to hang out with my best friend all the time (except at work).

I guess you can say that 22 is still a little too grown up for me, but I am definitely glad to be moving along in life. Desk jobs aren't so long as it's raining outside.

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KA said...

Good thing you live in Oregon. :) i enjoyed your post