Monday, September 24, 2007

Last bits of Summer

So I haven't had time to update lately, so this is my month of September smooshed into one post. This month has flown by, but I managed to catch a few pictures from the "last bits of Summer" to share with you all. First, Bryan and I spent a few days at Thrill-Ville with our youth group, where they enjoyed the rides and we enjoyed some free ice cream!
Next, Bryan and I, accompanied by Kyle and Kari, went up to see if the Mariners could get a win out of the Angels (we were unfortunately dissapointed). We still had a good time in Seattle and the weather was amazing. As you can see from the photo taken from our seats, we were as high as you get at Safeco field! Kari wasn't too excited about the view behind us (glass walls through which you can see very far down), but we just focused on the game...and our family pack hotdogs and drinks!

Lastly, we took a final camping trip (with Kyle and Kari) to Florence, where we were again blessed with beautiful weather! We were in a very jumpy mood, as you can see from these pictures (even Kona - Kyle and Kari's dog). I even managed to get a September!!

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