Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Church in the park

We Koreans like to keep things on the edge. Okay, so I'm not Korean, but basically, at least on the weekends. Anyway, it's true that our church is all about the risky business. Every summer, we enjoy weekends of sunshine, and every year, out church waits until the LAST POSSIBLE weekend to have our annual Church in the Park. Because we are a small enough church, our whole group heads over to Avery Park and has service there, and afterwards we eat a lot of food and play soccer. The weather was looking pretty doubtful when we woke up that morning, but the sun actually made an appearance halfway through the day, and it ended up being a great time (as always). This is our third church in the park with the Koreans...I can't believe we've been there that long!
We had a big semi-organized soccer game too, students vs. adults. We also played an earlier game with just the students. I got to be a captain....how far I've come since fourth grade recess when no one would even pick the girls! We brought Macie with us, which was great, because usually she is trapped at home on Sundays, and we were there extra long this sunday. She was worn out when we got home too, which was awesome. The girls were making 180 (name of our youth group) with their hands.
Bryan pushing crazy devilish Kyle on the swings.
Classic Eddie. He missed the ball, then makes this face and falls over. Don't worry, he's fine.
Michael (black shirt) is one of our upperclassmen.

Joe reaching for a pass to Stephen.

Stephen making a nice catch. He's playing football this year for Judson, on the lightweights team (obviously).

Bryan on the hunt.

Two little ones trying their best to make peace signs for the camera. Young-i was trying to teach them but Sonjun (right) was having a tough time keeping that ring finger down. These kids were newborns when we started working at the church.

Sun and Esther going toe to toe. Later, Esther realized she should wear shoes.

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Ackerfam said...

How fun! And I can't believe you've been there that long too! Looks like a great group!