Friday, September 12, 2008

Our staycation in Portland

Bryan and I FINALLY took advantage of the Uram's grad present to us, a night's stay and dinner in Portland, over Labor Day weekend.

When we got to the Mariott, they told us we had received an upgrade, and were on the 20th floor (the highest). We even had to have a key for the elevator because the top floor is so exclusive! Our room overlooked downtown, to the North.
It was pretty sweet, especially for Bryan, who loves the city. Our floor had a lounge, with free food, internet, and they basically pampered us. They even offered to bring a refridgerator up to our room, just so I could keep my leftovers from dinner cold (I declined, and had them put it in the fridge in the lounge).
We drove up there Sunday, after church, and after Joel's graduation party, and after dropping Macie off at Bryan's parents. Sunday night, we walked around everywhere down town, just taking it all in as us country folk would. We found a place to eat...Pastini's Pastaria...after much searching for something affordable. It was good, and we were happy to get some food in us. On Monday, we walked down into the Pearl District and walked through an Art Show they had going on. I, of course, would have bought multiple things, if I was rich, but instead, I just settled for making my own art with the photos I took throughout the day. We went to a University of Portland women's soccer game, and watched them beat USC 1-0 in overtime. That was fun, and we were both impressed with how many people show up for those games...over 3,000! After the game, we went down to the river to kill some time before our reservations at McCormick and Schmicks.
We got home late that night, and Bryan's parents had already brought Macie home, which was awesome. It was great to get away, even for just a night and a day, especially right before Bryan's school and youth group start up again.

Thanks Rick and Cindy!


Ackerfam said...

LUCKY!!! How great that you were upgraded-and it sounds so fancy too! I love all those pictures and glad to hear you had a fun time!

Andrew and Kathleen Finch said...

Did you get to see my brother at the Marriott? I am so glad that you two were able to enjoy some time away and go explore Portland! I am glad that you were able to get an upgrade to the 20th floor and take in the city that way! Thanks for sharing about your amazing Portland vacation!

The Officer's said...

What a great escape! Justin and I love McCormick and Schmicks! Great pictures always :)