Monday, March 16, 2009

Bottomless fries and glowing balls

As our friendships evolve and age, we come to appreciate the little things, like a night out without a baby. Don't get me wrong, we love Isla (Kyle and Kari's baby), but last night we stole her parents away for a night out without the baby, and we had a great time.
Yesterday was Kari's birthday, so we went to Red Robin and then went black light, 3D miniature golfing in a new place next to Pietro's. Alicia and Ben also came, and we had fun putting our way through optical illusions, wearing our nerdy 3D glasses the whole time. Bryan's parents happily watched Isla for Kyle and Kari, and it's amazing how much more difficult putt-putt would have been carrying a baby along the way. Maybe someday when Isla is old enough, we will bring her back to play, but for now, a babysitter is much appreciated.

We are blessed to have great friends, and it was fun to celebrate another year gone by!
The photo above is Kyle and Kari with Kyle's favorite pirate. I think the pirate is looking for some booty.

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