Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Chain gang Part II

Last night Kyle and Kari took us out to dinner and a movie for my birthday and so we (obviously) left Macie at home on her dreaded chain. When we left, she sat down and wouldn't even go to her dog house. When we got home, it had poured down rain, but she was still sitting in the exact same spot soaking wet. Her dog house is literally two feet away from the spot she was sitting.
This morning we went to chain her up again and she wouldn't even come outside into the back yard; Bryan had to carry her! She is just so deathly afraid of the noise the chain makes scraping along the concrete! We tried to acclimate her to the noise by walking her with it dragging, but whenever we hook her up, she just freezes so the chain won't move. We pushed her into her dog house so she would understand she could go in there with the chain, but she just stood in there shaking and staring at us.
We aren't getting home until late tonight (because we are going to the Blazer game - yay!), so we were worried about her not moving ALL DAY and shaking uncontrollably. We were seriously concerned that she might have a heart attack, so we strung up a dog run for her, instead of her chain, using rope and her leashes. The problem is, he still doesn't like the dog run, so who knows what state she will be in when we get home tonight. When we hooked her up to it, she once again froze, and then conceded to laying down in the wet grass.... Our poor mentally challenged dog...

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Acker Family said...

I love your dog!! Your stories crack me up! Hopefully she'll get used to things instead of just laying there all sad!