Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Chain gang

Over the weekend we discovered Macie knows how to jump over the mini fence in our back yard. It was only a matter of time, since it was meant for little tiny sissy dogs and not a one-year-old Lab with mad hops. So for the last few days she’s been terrorizing the neighbors (I hope I’m kidding) and having a grand old time chasing after birds and my cousins’ dog. We figure we will eventually buy the electric shock collar for her so she can at least run around our big yard, but for now, we have to chain her up, much to her chagrin. As you can see from her face in this photo, she was not a very happy camper this morning when I hooked her up for the first time. She just went and sat in the grass and wouldn’t even come over to get a bone I left her. Poor Macie. Her free-wheelin’ days are over.

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Family of 5 said...

Fun stories to read! WE just got back from vacation and I have a LOT of blog reading to catch up on ! :) And of course blogging our trip too! Whew! fun times!